Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated yesterday night that the US has identified another potential chemical attack by Assad's regime in Syria. In his statement, Spicer hinted at a "heavy price" to be paid should Assad go forward on this attack that would no doubt harm hundreds more, already ravaged by a bloody ongoing civil war. The tides have begun turning again as we wait with bated breath for President Bashar al-Assad's next move, as he continues to deny the allegations that he had any involvement with the previous Chemical Attack that took place April 6, 2017.

Russia has also continued vehemently denying the attack was from Assad's end, which would be expected as the two nations are allied against US-backed Syrian rebels. What is most daunting is the amount of bickering taking place between these great powers, while the threat of ISIS in the region still stands strong. We can only hope that these men will come to an agreement on what must be done to prevent further extremist action.

Aftermath of the previous attack

The previous chemical attack took place on April 6 earlier this year, leaving hundreds of casualties in conditions not seen since the First World War.

The attack was of course utterly denounced by all world politicians of most blame defaulted towards ISIS as the perpetrators of this devastating attack. However, it was later uncovered that Assad's regime was behind the attack on his own people. In response, President Donald Trump soon ordered a retaliation attack in the form of 60 Tomahawk missiles on an airbase in Syria.

This however backfired as the attack was also denounced by several key US senators including Senator John McCain, who placed the blame for the chemical attack on Trump's distasteful rhetoric towards the Middle East.

Almost three months have passed by since the devastating attack and a major world conflict begins to seem imminent as speculations over Russia's involvement in our 2016 Presidential election continue to overwhelm the American public, along with President Trump's fiery tweets adding fuel to the fire. We can only hope that whatever crisis may come, our country will stand with honor and integrity to the best of its ability.