Saudi Arabia was President Donald Trump's first overseas stop. The significance is always placed on the first country any U.S. president chooses as his first visit. Saudi Arabia is the custodian of two of the holiest sites in Islam. Trump said he is hoping to form a foundation of cooperation with the America's Muslim allies and he hopes to combat extremism, violence, and terrorism. President Trump is hopeful that a meeting with King Salman will lead to the end of terrorism.

However, Donald Trump's 2016 election was based on his promise to completely and totally shut down Muslim communities within the U.S.

and those entering the U.S. As president, Trump used an executive order to issue a travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries traveling into America. And, lest we forget what Trump said about making Saudi Arabia responsible for securing America's protection from Muslim terrorists.

Given what Trump has said and done within just the first hundred days of his presidency, what are we to make of his 'friendship' with King Salman? And what are the American people to understand about his decision to make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia his first official overseas stop?

Is Trump sending mixed messages?

During his visit to Saudi Arabia, Trump said it was not America's responsibility to show others how to they should live, but rather how to build partnerships and friendships in order to bring an end to the war on terrorism while building opportunity, stability, and safety to the Middle East.

Not exactly the message he left the American people with back home as he singled out the Mulsim's, Mexican's and virtually all immigrants.

The world understands the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is hoping U.S President Donald Trump's policies and future plans are more closely aligned with theirs. The years of neglect by former president Barack Obama were difficult years for them.

So, it isn't strange that King Salman is looking forward to the opportunities that lay ahead with the Trump administration.

What should the American people expect when Trump returns?

Although 'radical Islamic terrorism' has become somewhat of a signature phrase, he did not use it once while in Saudi Arabia. Does this mean he has changed his stand on Muslims?

Has he now gone back on his campaign promise to shut down all Muslims entering and in the U.S.?

Barack Obama refused to use the term 'Islamist extremism' as it referred to Islamism as a political movement, not a religion, something Trump always criticized the former president for. It was Donald Trump's ideology “America First” that pushed the 2016 election in his favor. That same ideology has shaken America's allies who depend greatly on Trump's support.

What should the American people, its allies, and even their enemies be thinking now?