According to an NBC News report, the number of illegal immigrants that have been arrested in recent months is almost 40% higher than the previous national average. The largest percentage of those arrests, however, is not exactly composed of the 'bad hombres' President trump indicated it would be. Instead, records show that most of the arrested immigrants have no prior criminal record at all.

Immigrant arrests are substantially higher than just one year ago

Since the president's executive order in January, sources claim U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has arrested about 400 undocumented immigrants a day -- which translates to 40,000 individuals since January.

Records from the Obama administration show that the amount of immigration arrests made since Trump took office in January is 37% higher than arrests under Obama's leadership. According to an official report released by a government agency, the rise of strictly "non-criminal arrests" over the same five-month period is even more disproportionate, at a staggering 150%.

ICE director Thomas Homan praised the trump administration for backing the agency's quest to crack down on what he refers to as "convicted criminal aliens." He indicates that the stats "reflect President Trump's commitment to enforce our immigration laws fairly and across the board." (NBC News).

Many civil rights organizations see the increase in arrests as an affront

Other organizations, however, see the steep rise in the number of non-criminal immigrant arrests as nothing more than a sign of the president's "alternative agenda."

Chris Rickerd, a member of the policy counsel of the American Civil Liberties Union, indicated that ICE's statement that it has simply arrested more "aliens" than it did last year "misrepresents the true workings" of the agency under President Trump's leadership.

According to Rickerd, the fact that six thousand more immigrants with no record were arrested this year only shows that the Trump administration couldn't care less about the "suffering families and separated children" left behind. He also claims that the president looks at the losses these families are having to endure as nothing more than casualties in his ultimate "mass deportation agenda."

Data shows that not only were immigrant arrests in 2016 substantially lower than they are this year -- they were also more on-target.

Information seems to indicate that more than 90% of those arrested last year had some sort of criminal record, while only 75% of those arrested under the Trump administration thus far have had prior criminal tendencies.

As the arrests continue to add up, civil rights groups will surely face an uphill battle.