A Bowie State University student, Richard Collins III, 23, died late Saturday night after being fatally stabbed on the campus of the University Of Maryland. University of Maryland student Sean Christopher Urbanski, 22, was later charged with his murder.

The University of Maryland's police chief, David Mitchell, contacted The Fbi to seek help in the case when he became aware of Urbanski being part of a social media group called the “Alt-Reich Nation." At a news conference on Sunday, News 4 reported Mitchell saying that the group “shows extreme bias against women, Latinos, members of the Jewish faith, and especially African-Americans.” The news station also reported that Special Agent Gordon Johnson, who is in charge of the FBI field in Baltimore, is there “to evaluate” the “ongoing concern with respect to whether or not this was a hate crime.”

Urbanski's lawyer told the media that his client was intoxicated when he committed the crime, therefore, he requested bond, drug counseling, and GPS tracking for Urbanski but the judge refused and stated that Urbanski was “an absolute danger to the community," according to NBC Washington.

Urbanski appeared in court on Monday afternoon via a video monitor. As prosecutors named the charges against him, Urbanski did not speak.

What really happened?

In a statement to the police, a witnesses stated that before the stabbing, Collins III was at a bus stop with two friends near the University of Maryland's Montgomery Hall on Regents Drive around 3 a.m. In court documents that were obtained by News 4, the story continued that Collins III and his two friends were waiting for the campus shuttle bus when they realized the shuttle had stopped running for the night. They decided to call an Uber and continued to wait at the bus stop. They heard Urbanski screaming nearby and the three watched as Urbanski approached them.

Urbanski was reported telling them to “step left” and “step left if you know what's best for you." Collins III replied with “No”.

It was then reported that Urbanski pulled out a knife with a 3-4-inch silver blade and stabbed Collins III in his chest once. One of the two friends of Collins III ran toward Baltimore Avenue to call 911 and also asked the Uber driver to call 911.

The people at the scene helped Collins III until police and paramedics arrived.

Two Prince George's County police officers found Urbanski 50 feet away from where he stabbed Collins. They found the knife in his front right pocket, according to the documents. Witnesses were able to identify Urbanski as the attacker and he was then taken into custody by the university police department.

Collins III was pronounced dead at 4:10 am at Prince George's Hospital Center.

The aftermath

David Mitchell, police chief of the university, took this close to his heart as he sat with some of Collins III's family members. “It never gets any worse than this,” Mitchell was quoted saying. “When I sat with the victim's father, who is a military veteran, and his pastor, we shed tears together... I can tell you, it rips your heart out.” he continued.

Two students at Bowie State University who took classes with the victim mentioned how Collins III was “just a good young man all around” and how he “seemed so excited to get to live his life.” Unfortunately, Collins III won't have that opportunity.

The stabbing also sparked fear on campus.

University police chief Mitchell was reported stating that if he was a person of color, he “would certainly look at this as something that could happen to me. In fact, I know on Facebook our students are saying that." Campus police have also stepped up patrols in and around the campus.

When interviewed by News 4, the Vice President for Student Affairs at Bowie State, Dr. Artie Lee Travis, said that he hopes the investigation moves forward quickly. Travis stated that “Hate has no place in America.” He continued with “hate has no place on a college campus, where young minds are coming together to try to change the world.”

A vigil for Collins III is scheduled at Bowie State campus. At the University of Maryland, flowers and candles are being placed at the bus stop where his life was taken.

Collins III, who was set to graduate Tuesday morning from Bowie State University, was an officer in the U.S. Army and had commissioned as a second lieutenant.

Update: According to social media, images have gone viral showing the Bowie State University graduation where students and faculty left an empty seat with the cap and gown that belonged to the victim, as a moment of silence was observed. His father accepted his degree.