According to a report by NBC News, if North Korea initiates a nuclear weapons test, America will retaliate with a missile strike of its own.

Sources indicate that North Korea has a "big event" planned, and US officials are wary that said event could be the reveal of a completed nuclear missile capable of reaching American soil. In preparation, US intelligence officials have confirmed two large destroyers outfitted with Tomahawk cruise missiles have been situated within striking distance of the proposed test site.

Sources also claim there are several US bombers standing by in Guam, ready to attack Kim Jong-un's North Korea on command.

According to NBC, a potential US attack would more than likely include heavy artillery, cyber operations, and special forces warfare.

US attack could mean powerful retaliatory strike from North Korea

Unfortunately, with the volatile nature of North Korea's 33-year-old leader, an attack could also prompt a retaliatory strike. And, according to officials, their version of a strike would definitely include a nuclear bomb.

In a statement on Wednesday, Kim Jong-un's administration warned of what they described as a "merciless retaliatory strike," if the US decides to assert its military power in any way. They also said rather succinctly that if a US strike were to occur, they would "hit the US first" via a nuclear weapon.

Provoking North Korea could prove dangerous for its South Korean neighbor

While experts claim the North Koreans have not yet been able to develop a nuclear weapon able to make it all the way to the US, their neighbors to the South could very well suffer for America's actions instead. Aware of the threat, South Korean officials recently released a statement indicating that the US would discuss their North Korean intentions with South Korea before taking any action.

Reports indicate that senior White House officials are very aware of the severity of their decision to even prepare for an attack against the North Korean population in the first place.

According to a statement from the communist regime, America's "relentlessly bringing in a number of strategic nuclear assets to the Korean peninsula" will only provoke the likelihood of a large-scale conflict- and that conflict would almost certainly involve weapons of mass destruction.

Peaceful resolution between the US and North Korea unlikely

As for China's role in these events, President Xi has stated that any nuclear missile demonstration on North Korea's behalf will result in China severely depleting Kim Jong-un's oil reserves.

Russia has also given its opinion on the escalating tensions between North Korea and the US, stating that they are "gravely concerned about Washington's plans."

Both China and Russia have urged the US to consider more peaceful alternatives, but with experts stating Kim Jong-un is in no way interested in "diplomacy or dialogue," that may be easier said than done.