On Wednesday Vice President Mike Pence refuted claims by the mainstream media that Steve Bannon's removal from the National Security Council was a demotion. Bannon, along with Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert, were removed from the NSC on Wednesday afternoon, leading to the predictable media speculation that Trump's White House is in a state of disarray.

Pence denied these claims on the Fox News Channel's "The First 100 Days" broadcast on Wednesday, referring to Bannon and Bossert as "highly valued" members of the administration. "They’re going to continue to play important policy roles," explained the Vice President.

Steve Bannon's true role

Bannon, who served as the architect of Donald Trump's presidential campaign after the dismissal of Corey Lewandowski, drew heavy criticism from the media after President Trump gave him a seat at the National Security Council table. However, Bannon's role appears to have been designed to "de-operationalize" the National Security Council and negate the influence of the "Deep State" -- Obama holdovers who have actively attempted to undermine the Trump administration through a steady drip of embarrassing leaks to the media.

Pence indirectly admitted that Bannon had accomplished his mission within the National Security Council, telling Fox News that Bannon's removal was a "natural evolution" to ensure that the council is running in a way that best serves President Trump.

The Vice President also expressed his faith in H.R. McMaster as the recently-appointed National Security Adviser, thus indicating that Bannon's influence was no longer needed as a member of the NSC.

It was McMaster who made the decision to remove Bannon from the NSC.

NSC has been returned to its proper function, says Bannon

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Bannon explained that his task was complete, though he gave the National Security Adviser much of the credit for the "Deep State" housecleaning within the NSC.

"Susan Rice operationalized the NSC during the last administration,” stated Bannon. “I was put on to ensure that it was de-operationalized. General McMaster has returned the NSC to its proper function.”