Proving that you can’t keep a naughty man down for long, milo yiannopoulos has just started a new media venture, to be called MILO Inc. financed with $12 million from a group of secret investors. The new company will be based in Miami, will employ 30 people, and will manage Milo’s books, public events, and media appearances. The author and provocateur noted that the purpose of the new venture was to fulfill his desire to “spend every waking moment of the rest of my life making the lives of journalists, professors, politicians, feminists, Black Lives Matter activists and other professional victims a living hell.”

He added, “free speech is back – and it is fabulous.”

Not everyone is amused by the return of Milo.

Vanity Fair called the new venture, “a new, ugly, for-profit troll circus.” One suspects that it is all in the eye of the beholder.

Milo was at the height of his fame earlier this year after he had been chased off of the University of California at Berkeley campus where he had been slated to speak by a violent mob. Having become a poster child for free speech, Milo had a book deal and was a regular fixture on cable news. He was causing trouble on college campuses where he was allowed to speak. Milo was permanently banned from Twitter for trolling.

Then the bottom fell out when an old tape surfaced with Milo seemingly to endorse gay sex with 13-year-olds. He lost his book deal, his media appearances, and was obliged to leave his post as an editor at Breitbart.

By every measure, he seemed to be ruined, a classic case of hubris being followed fast and hard by nemesis.

Now Milo is back, and he is thirsting for revenge. The first event his new company is going to put on is “Free Speech Week” at Berkeley to take pace this fall. The festival will either be a bacchanalia of free speech and political incorrectness, or it will be a bloody street battle if the black-clad “Antifa” stormtroopers show up to inflict mayhem.

Milo promises “laughter and war” in all corners of the nation.

Berkeley has become the epicenter of the war on free speech, with Milo having been chased off campus and a speaking engagement by author and media personality Ann Coulter being canceled under threat of violence. Thus far no government authority seems willing to do anything about it.

Indeed local Berkeley government appears to be in sympathy with the rioters. No one seems disposed to do as then Governor Ronald Reagan did in the 1960s, which was to send the National Guard in to patrol the city until order was restored. That is a course of action President Trump might want to think about.