Further proof that the so-called “March for Science” is not about science at all but rather the usual left-wing enthusiasms and grievances came in the form of a tweet on that group’s Twitter feed lamenting the dropping of the MOAB on an ISIS cave and tunnel complex in Afghanistan. The tweet, as the Daily Caller notes, read that the bombing was, “an example of how science is weaponized against marginalized people.” The tweet was eventually deleted but not before it went viral and copied in numerous media reports.

Just to provide a context to the tweet, it should be noted that the “marginalized people” to whom the organizers of the March for Science refer is one of the evilest group of monsters ever to infest the Earth.

ISIS fighters burn people alive or drop them off the roofs of buildings for various reasons, including being gay, not being Muslim, not being Muslim enough, or for just opposing Islamic State rule. They sexually enslave little girls as young as nine or ten and rape them repeatedly for fun. They propose to establish a worldwide caliphate where sharia law and not science will be the governing principle. Indeed, adherence to science would be punishable by death.

It has become increasingly clear that the very term “March for Science” has become Orwellian, as in “insanity is science.” If the purpose of the march is to highlight the importance of science in American life, that goal is being undermined by people who just want the yell incoherently but then slap a label “science” on it to try to make it seem respectable.

The fact that the March is being chaired by someone like Bill Nye (along with two obscure women for diversity’s sake) should have been a clue to what a train wreck it is likely to be. Nye is not a scientist, though he plays one on TV. He is a public nuisance, ranting about climate change in such a way that it saps credibility from that idea of human-made global warming threatening the planet.

The March for Science is likely to be of a type of previous marches (the one about women comes to mind.) People will wear strange customs and carry signs with off-putting slogans. Speakers on the dais will rant and rave about this and that. Some people might brawl with the police and then get arrested. Conservative talk radio and cable news will have months of material to play over and over again for the entertainment of their audiences.

The cause of science will take a hit from which it will find difficult to recover.