Princeton State Police have arrested a man after DNA tests match DNA found on the slain Google employee Vanessa Marcotte. On August 7, 2016, while on a visit to her family home, 27-year-old Marcotte was reported missing by her mother after not returning from an early morning run. Her body was later found in a wooded area a half-mile away from the home. Authorities claimed that evidence found shows that there were signs of a struggle which would have left scratches and bruises on the killer.

Arrested man's DNA found on victim

Angelo Colon-Ortiz (31), a local resident, was arrested at his home Friday without incident after investigators determined that his DNA sample matched DNA found on the victim's hands.

At a press conference today, Worcester District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. stated that last week a state trooper spotted Colon-Ortiz and noted that his appearance and vehicle matched the description that investigators were searching for. The trooper wrote down the license plate of the dark SUV that Colon-Ortiz was driving and the next day went to his home requesting a saliva sample for testing. Colon-Ortiz provided the DNA sample without resistance.

Colon-Ortiz has now been charged with battery and assault with intent to rape, aggravated assault, and aggravated assault and battery. District Attorney Early said that it is anticipated that murder charges will follow.

Vanessa Marcotte helped solve her own murder

At Saturday's press conference, District Attorney Early thanked investigators and the public for helping with the case. He gave the most credit to the victim herself for fighting the killer which resulted in his DNA being found on her hands and at the crime scene, ultimately leading to his arrest.

Ortiz's DNA sequence occurs only once in 1.1 quintillion sequences, Early said at the conference, which is why they are confident that he is the killer.

“It was through her determined fight and her efforts that we determined the DNA of her killer,” District Attorney Early said at Saturday's press conference.

Police officials stated that the attack on Marcotte occurred during the early afternoon of August 7.

ABC News reported that police said evidence suggests that Marcotte had been sexually assaulted and confirmed burn marks on her body.

District Attorney Early said that Marcotte worked as a Google manager in New York City and often visited her family in Massachusetts. Her family said that she was going to return to New York City on the day she died.

Alleged killer has no criminal history

Not much is known about alleged murderer Angelo Colon-Ortiz. Investigators could not find documentation or criminal records for the alleged killer but the investigation is still underway.

Colon-Ortiz is being held at state police barracks on a 1 million dollar cash bail.

The Vanessa Marcotte foundation website says that they want Vanessa to be remembered "for the quality of her life, the strength of her character, and the goodness within her heart -- not by the tragic circumstances of her death."