Built on Our Backs, the BLM student activism group at the College of William And Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, has declared that college president W. Taylor Reveley III is a "white supremacist" because he refused to give in to the group's strongarm tactics. The school's BLM group recently issued several demands to President Reveley, in a meeting that the group live-streamed on Facebook.

The group's list of demands

These demands included the establishment of a tenured diversity position, a mandatory social justice course for students, a department dedicated to African studies, harsher penalties for racism, the hiring of more black staff members for the college's Center for Student Diversity, and the recruitment of more black students.

President Reveley, who evidently doesn't take kindly to ultimatums from his students, suggested to the members of the BLM group that they try requests instead of demands.

"I don't deal in demands," Reveley declared, adding that he doesn't make demands of others and that he doesn't expect to receive them from others. He did say, however, that he appreciates suggestions and strong arguments.

The College of William and Mary's BLM students were aghast by the president's stance and immediately voiced their outrage on social media.

Activist students accuse president of racism

"This is what being censored looks like," said Erica West, one of the meeting's attendees, on Facebook. "This is what white supremacy looks like."

Updated reported by The Daily Caller appears to indicate that West's "white supremacy" allegation against President Reveley has since been deleted.

The meeting between President Reveley and the Built on Our Backs group was part of Williamsburg Black Lives Matter's third annual BLM Conference, taking place from March 26 to April 2. According to the group's Facebook page, the goal of the conference is to "educate, agitate and organize."

It appears, however, that the only ones who are feeling agitated right now are the student activists who were put in their places by the college president.