Somewhat, ironically, Ivanka Trump is adored by millions in china, according to a report by the New York Times. An interview with a college student in the world's most populous country reveals just how in love the Chinese- especially their young women- are with President Trump's 35-year-old daughter. Per the New York Times, the student claims the first thing she does when she wakes up is ask herself, "What would Ivanka do?"

Many Chinese see Ivanka Trump as the pinnacle of success

While several in the US see Trump's daughter as a controversial and enabling figure (she receives daily criticism for her seemingly impassive disposition towards her father's views on women), reports claim young professionals in China see Ivanka Trump's position as the pinnacle of success.

The amount of money she has at her disposal, combined with her education and eloquence make the woman a hot commodity in a country that often views material wealth as an indicator of power and glory.

One student, Wang Ge, says the mother of three "inspires her"- claiming the fact that Ms. Trump "has her own career," is "hardworking," and "has a beautiful family" as reasons for her obsession with the president's daughter. Reports indicate that a simple video of Ivanka Trump's daughter singing in Chinese has garnered tens of millions of views. Chinese social media trends hail Ms. Trump as a "goddess." Wang Ge told the New York Times that she keeps photos of Ms. Trump with her, and encourages her friends to use the woman's self-help tips whenever they feel like they've hit a wall.

She reportedly even likens her day to Trump's, claiming that she rises at 6 in the morning to walk and allows half an hour a day to read.

Women in China are particularly smitten with Ms. Trump

Sources indicate that Chinese entrepreneurs study Ms. Trump's speeches to help them knock a sales pitch out of the ballpark, while working mothers idolize her brand of feminism- one that has it all and wants for nothing.

These sources go on to claim young women working and studying in the finance and technology industries are particularly smitten by Ms. Trump's "power and ambition." A 28-year-old woman that works as a reality television producer in the country of over a billion says Ivanka Trump "represents what we're looking for- to marry into a decent family, to look good, and to also have your own career," adding that Ms.

Trump is also "independent."

Other Chinese supporters claim they were sold on Ms. Trump's "Confucian values," claiming that her decision to adopt Judaism to please her husband, as well as her unwavering defense of her father, depict a very strong devotion to her family.

Perhaps the most extreme of Ivanka Trump's admirers, however, take things a step further than most. They genuinely feel like "Ivanka is the real president." In their words, "she has the brains, not her father."