drones are gaining in popularity, with so many price points that almost anyone can purchase one. The FAA refers to them as an unmanned aircraft system, it is the operator's responsibility to know the Rules And Regulations and follow them.

Human nature, for the most part, drives our curiosity to know, where the flashing lights and sirens are going, and what is happening. Having a Drone, and flying it for a bird's eye view is a temptation that many people succumb too.

Flying too close to a scene of a fire creates problems for those on the ground and in the case of a brush, or wildfire the helicopters in the air.

The danger to commercial airplanes certainly exists. The fact that you can buy a drone for as low as 30.00, it virtually puts them in the hands of anyone, and it depends on the purchaser to read the rules and regulations is terrifying.

National Park Service has banned drones in low airspace

Due to the disruption to wildlife and visitors. In recent weeks a drone caused 1500 elk to stampede in Wyoming at the National Elk Refuge, the operator has been fined.

California legislators are working on a bill to prevent drones from flying above schools, to eliminate the potential of children being spied on. Another bill would make is a misdemeanor to fly above a state prison or jail, to prevent the delivery of, drugs, weapons, and other contraband,

Hobbyists need to learn the rules

The basic regulations:

  • Do not fly near a Military Base
  • Don't go within 5 miles of airports
  • Never lose sight of your aircraft
  • Stay away from stadiums and people
  • Stay below 400 feet
  • Don't drink and drone
  • Practice flying in a limited area, until you are fully in control of your aircraft

Drones are fun

No doubt about it, you can do some amazing things with drones.

From nature photography to being able to view your own home from above, or the ability to live stream your footage to your smartphone, or tablet giving you the feel of flying. Maybe once you get really skilled with your drone you can enter the Drone rodeo in Las Vegas.Stay safe and follow the rules.