Federal Judge James Robart from Hawaii put President Donald Trump's revised travel ban on hold Wednesday. Trump, in a manner will have all become uncomfortably accustomed to, strongly attacked Judge Robart by accusing him of putting American lives in peril by allowing Muslim majority countries entry into the US. Trump couldn't stop there — he continued to threaten Judge Robart by saying he would be held personally responsible if the U.S. came under threat from a Muslim state.

Trump's administration said they will comply with the judge's order but are trying desperately to reinstate his revised travel ban.

Syrians, including those fleeing civil war, were indefinitely blocked from entering the U.S. The New York court order stopped people from Muslim nations from being deported and will be allowed to override the implementation of the White House executive order.

Court order affected a small number of travelers

Visa processing, under Trump's executive order, was halted for those countries affected by the travel ban. The State Department put out an urgent notice to citizens of countries included in the ban to not apply for visas, and not to make any visa payments, at this time. Anyone with visa appointments was notified not to attend – that no entry into the Embassy/Consulate will be permitted.

White House adviser, Stephen Miler, said that the judge's order would not prevent Trump's executive order from sticking and that the order remains completely intact and in effect.

U.S. citizens who travel often to and from countries on the list were warned by Reince Priebus, Trump’s chief of staff, that they too will be subjected to intense questionings

Protesters gathered around the country

Trump continued to defend his executive order by insisting radical Islamic terrorists needed to be prohibited from entering the U.S.

Law enforcement officials are greatly concerned by these directives. They argue that they do nothing to stop homegrown extremists from attacking other Americans. Saudi Arabia, home to most 9/11 hijackers, was not included in the ban worrying federal law enforcement officials about the impact this will have in future.

President Donald Trump told reporters he was confident and positive the travel ban was working very nicely, that it should have been done years and years ago, and that he wanted to assure everybody that it is not a Muslim ban.