It has been a long wait for Stephen King’s fans, but finally, the long wait is over. He is a successful novelist, and a short story writer, is set to release his latest work "Gwendy’s Button Box".

The novel seems to be inspired by Trump

Stephen King, a vocal critic against the business-tycoon-turned-politician has been giving hints about his story's plot, through his tweets. The plot revolves around a female character, who is cunning and has a childish nature, similar to that of the newly-elected U.S. President Donald Trump. He came up with the idea of this story last July, which basically rooted in the notion of putting the fate of the world in the hands of a child.

Although the character is not Donald Trump himself, nor has he indicated that he has made any reference to any politician.

With his deep talent in character development, the story is expected to paint a clear portrait, perhaps playing on the edge of satire, of the neophyte leader of the world’s most powerful country.

A product of two minds

"Gwendy’s Button Box" is co-authored by Richard Chizmar, owner of Cemetery Dance Publications and publisher/editor of "Cemetery Dance Magazine."

During his interview with Bev Vincent, he explained that the story is the end-result his collaboration with Richard Chizmar, who is a very talented writer and editor. He mentioned that he worked mostly on the book’s beginning.

However, he didn't know how to end the story. And that's when he contacted Chizmar, who worked on the book with him towards the middle and the end of the story. During the course of writing, they exchanged manuscripts, tweaked the story and built the plot together.

Return to "Castle Rock"

Fans also will be thrilled with Stephen King’s return to the fictional town of "Castle Rock," the popular setting of some of his past bestsellers.

The reason for this return, according to him, is that he simply missed the place, and wanted to bask under the village once again.

Stephen King’s "Gwendy’s Button Box" is due for publishing on May 30, 2017.