Americans might as well brace themselves for another angry, distracting tweet to come from the president. On Sunday, news broke that FBI Director James Comey is calling Trump’s claim that former President Barack Obama ordered wiretapping in Trump Tower false and needs to be corrected. Obama does have a legitimate libel suit leg to stand on, but it is doubtful he will take the current president to court over this recklessness.

Trump started tweeting early Saturday morning after having gone through another rough week in Washington with the Jeff Session debacle resulting in the new Attorney General announcing his recusal from the Trump-Russian investigation.

One of Trump’s tweets compared the alleged wiretapping to Nixon/Watergate. There is a Nixon/Watergate comparison going on all right, but not in the way Trump is insinuating. In that same tweet, Trump refers to Obama as a bad/sick guy who was tapping his phones during the very “sacred” election. Sacred? The election should have been sacred but it wasn’t, thanks to Russia.

And there will be justice for all

Allegedly, James Comey has asked the Justice Department to publicly reject Trump’s claim that Obama ordered his phones tapped because there is no evidence of such and it would also insinuate that the FBI broke the law. A statement refuting those allegations would be an astonishing rebuke of a sitting president.

So far, the agency has declined to give an official comment.

Tweet or truth

On Sunday, Trump demanded Congress look into whether Obama had abused his power while in office during the 2016 election, calling reports of wiretapping very troubling. Nevertheless, Trump has not said where he received these alleged reports and the best anyone can tell is he received this speculation from one of his usual channel sources, Breitbart News and/or radio host Mark Levin. Adding another crazy twist of irony, the president wants this congressional inquiry to be a part of the investigation of Russia’s interference in the U.S. election.