Sen Chuck Schumer, in a state of high indignation only possible when a politician smells the blood of an enemy, strode up before the microphones and TV cameras and demanded the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The reason the Senate Minority Leader made this demand was that Sessions neglected to inform the senate committee handling his confirmation that he had met with the Russian Ambassador twice last year when he was still a senator. Since the Democrats are obsessed with the idea that President Donald Trump is a Manchurian candidate under the thumb of Vladimir Putin, Sessions must now go.

The new found love for the rule of law in the executive on the part of the Democrats would be charming were in not so transparent. To be sure Sessions must now recuse himself and allow a special counsel to undertake the investigation into effort by Moscow to subvert the 2016 elections. Sessions has already said that he would do so. He has said that the discussions were unrelated with the Trump campaign or the election,

Schumer, who has apparently had his sense of shame surgically removed, went on to suggest that it might be time to revive the special prosecutor law that was established during Watergate. The law was allowed to lapse when Ken Starr “went too far” which is to say he uncovered evidence that then President Bill Clinton had committed perjury and obstruction of justice surrounding his various dalliances.

The investigation led directly to Clinton being impeached though not being removed from office.

The kerfuffle over Session has served to take Trump’s speech before a joint session of Congress, universally acknowledged as masterful, off the media. Schumer and the Democrats would dearly love to have Sessions’ head on a spike.

Failing that, they will be content to talk about perfidy in the Trump Justice Department until the heat death of the universe. The greater crimes committed by Obama’s attorneys general, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder, will be left unremarked upon. The issue is not that a crime has been committed. There hasn’t been. The issue is drawing blood against an enemy.