The Root is reporting on charges of "aggravated harassment, stalking and violating an order of protection," against Danielle Serini, who operates a chiropractic clinic in Staten Island, N.Y., after she went on a "racist, threatening rant against a black New York City police officer and the black child of a white crossing guard." However, in recent reports Serini has been claimed to be framed.

Ebony Glover is said to be responsible for the crossing guards who work maintaining crossings at a school, Public School 29, located close to Ms. Serini's chiropractic clinic.

One of the crossing guards, Jennifer Becker, is said to have been the target of complaints issued by Serini with regard to Becker not doing "her job," and tickets issued by Glover to clients of the chiropractic clinic.

Serini wrote a letter to Officer Glover at the 120th Precinct, which was said to state that the chiropractor had a plan to "be getting rid" of the police officer and the "ugly ass n***** child of the crossing guard." The letter continued that "n******" don't have a place in her neighborhood. Serini was reported to have sent a package of Dum Dum lollipops to the officer's and the crossing guard's respective homes, which included a note calling them "dum dum," and reminding them that she hadn't forgotten about an incident, and, "In due time!"

Protective order issued in 2016

Hannah Cranston, with The Young Turks, reports that Glover and Becker had a protective order issued against Serini in 2016, which was said to have caused the chiropractor to send the lollipops.

In addition to the charges, Danielle Serini is said to be in custody, "held on a $3,500 bond." Ms. Cranston suggested that the chiropractor may need to "get a life." She considered the amount of "thought" and planning that went into Serini's plan to send a bag of lollipops to the officer and the crossing guard, and suggested that she find other ways to occupy herself, such as "read a book."

TYT hosts admire creativity, pan racism

Despite the fact that Serini called the targets of her rant "dum dum," Brett Erlich, with TYT, noted that the chiropractor was rewarding the officer and the crossing guard with "candy." He expressed admiration for her creativity with the thinking behind the Dum Dum lollipops, and disdain for the lack of creativity displayed by her racism.

Francis Maxwell, also with The Young Turks, suggested that, since Serini has been at this since 2016, and has previously had a protective order filed against her, that she has received a "slap on the wrist."

Cranston asked how the crossing guard was drawn into an argument that appears to be based on parking tickets. Erlich noted how, by writing letters filled with such vitriol, Serini left any easily traceable paper trail of her remarks, and wondered what she expected to accomplish. "Not the best move," Hannah Cranston stated.