On Thursday, February 16, 2017, Wikileaks, the global whistleblower organization founded by Julian Assange, released it's latest cache of sensitive internal governmental documents. This latest release pertains specifically to the United States' Central Intelligence Agency's opinions, actions, and operations related to the 2012 French National Elections.

The first release of Wikileaks' 'CIA Vault 7' documents

Wikileaks describe these documents as the first of a forthcoming series which is being called "CIA Vault 7". At this time, it is unclear what other nations, government agencies or covert operational details might be contained in future releases from this cache.

Wikileaks describes the current CIA-related documents as concerning classified and restricted espionage orders which were allegedly carried out in France by human agents and electronic surveillance between a period of November 21st, 2011 and September 29th, 2012. During this time, the CIA focused it's intelligence gathering efforts on the French Socialist Party, the National

During this time, the CIA focused it's intelligence gathering efforts on the French Socialist Party, the National Front, and Union for a Popular Movement. Additionally, current President Francois Hollande, former President Nicolas Sarkozy, current presidential front-runner Marine Le Pen, and previous presidential candidates Martine Aubry and Dominique Strauss-Khan are described by Wikileaks as principal targets for these covert actions.

Who will be implicated by Wikileaks next?

The main purpose of the actions described in these documents seems to have been the accumulation of strategic intelligence related to French governance structures, challenges, and opportunities in regards to United State's geopolitical ambitions and goals. CIA internal documents labeled, "Non Ruling Political Parties and Candidates Strategic Election Plans" and "What policies do they promote to help boost France's economic growth prospects?" and "What are their opinions on the German model of export-led growth?" are described by Wikileaks as "espionage orders", or operational directives regarding intelligence gathering.

The documents contained in this cache are available to be viewed or downloaded in French and English from Wikileaks' website.

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