Friday's much anticipated episode of "real time with Bill Maher" on HBO has fans scrambling for their safe spaces after Maher -- the Trump-hating, anti-religion darling of the left -- actually found common ground with conservative provocateur and Breitbart editor milo yiannopoulis.

On the surface, Maher and Yiannopoulis would appear to be polar opposites; however, both are outspoken proponents of free speech, and this common ground provided a foothold for witty and engaging repartee between the two political firebrands -- much to the chagrin of viewers, who felt "betrayed" by the host's rapport with Yiannopoulis.

Liberals come after Maher with metaphorical torches and pitchforks

But the topic that really sent liberals into crisis mode was that of transgendered bathrooms. In the overtime segment of "Real Time," Yiannopoulis stated, “I think women and girls should be protected from having men who are confused about their sexual identities in their bathrooms.” Maher agreed, and an avalanche of profanity-laden rants from unhinged liberals on Twitter ensued.

One Twitter user, Erik Landwehr, came unglued because Maher had the audacity to shake Milo's hand!

Live! On-Air! (Oh, the horror!)

Yiannopoulis becomes target of hate speech

Others made their stand for LGBT rights by calling Yiannopoulis, who is homosexual, a variety of offensive gay slurs, which is a lot like protecting endangered species by throwing a few bald eagle burgers on the grill, or fighting global warming by starting a tire fire.

Ultimately, what Friday's installment of "Real Time" revealed was the undercurrent of hatred and contempt boiling and bubbling just below the surface of the far left, and just how willing these titans of tolerance are to throw their vitriol in the face of a talk show host they had once upheld as a pillar of liberalism and a tower of free speech. And if they're willing to unleash this type of anger on someone who grazes the grass on the liberal side of the fence, once can only imagine what they're willing to do to those on the other side.