"Trump being Trump," as the NY Times, Daily Beast, Huffington Post and TV broadcast media state as a continual duct-taped phrase over the daily transgression antics emanating from a real estate heir not elected by the majority of the United States of America, is detrimental to good government. Such allows the debacle on dignity of the highest office in the land of America to ensue. Leaders in the U.S. Defense and Congress, his own Supreme Court justice nominee, corporate America, fact-checkers seeking truths over slipshod alternative reality-speak, fine folks separated from families due to an unconstitutional Muslim ban, and historical protest marches throughout the U.S.

and the world all utter confusion and disgust about Trump being Trump.

Trump being Trump demoralized his nominee and woke his advisor -- Why?

The presidential pick for the Supreme Court, Neil McGill Gorsuch, expressed to lawmakers and CT Senator Richard Blumenthal how upset he was at the unreality of a president bashing a judge and ridiculing a ruling. He called it "disheartening" and "demoralizing" for the executive branch to attack the judicial system as President Bush appointed federal Judge James L. Robart took Trump heat for ruling against the illegality of his brash Muslim travel ban. In another odd Trump being Trump moment, unsure if the dollar was strong or weak, the President of the United States phoned retired Lieutenant General Mike Flynn.

As National Security Advisor, Flynn, fluent in counterintelligence is not a master of macroeconomics. He explained that wasn't his area of expertise. Trump being Trump, was angered that it was suggested he seek an economist instead. Time of impulse call? 3:00 am.

Trump being Trump attacks American business -- unpresidential tweets spew

Delta Airlines computer snafus were falsely blamed in a #Trump being Trump tweet for air travel problems caused by his likewise brash Muslim travel ban. The eminent department store chain Nordstrom was attacked in a Trump heat tweet for releasing his daughter's clothing and jewelry lines for not producing sales volume.

Immediately, the former chief ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush, Richard Painter, spoke out against abuse of political power, saying, "This is a misuse of public office for private gains." Should the President harm the free enterprise system for cover ups or nepotism?

News reports in the U.S. and the world call it shocking when a petty chief executive misuses power which should be used for good. They cite and spotlight the running battle between image and actual information. It is found alarming that the adulation of the nation is taking presidential precedence over precise policy and good governing. Will the stronger good rise to stop the spin of the wheels of #Trump being Trump travesty?