One of the conspiracy theories oozing from the fever swamps of American politics is that the recent presidential election was somehow “fixed” by the crack cyberwar unit of the Russian FSB. Indeed, some have suggested that President Donald Trump is somehow a “Manchurian candidate” under the control of Vladimir Putin. One can just imagine the scene of Melania, in her silky sweet East European accent, saying, “Donald, why don’t you pass the time by playing a little solitaire.” Such fantasies are what is driving, among other things, the drive to have California secede from the Union and become its own country.

Imagine the surprise of just about everyone what the ties between the leader of the Calexit movement and – Russia were revealed. Louis Marinelli, the leader of Yes California that is working to place the issue of succession on the California ballot as an initiative, does not live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or any part of California. He lives in the town of Yekaterinburg, according to Hot Air, located in the middle of Russia, the very place where Nicholas II, the last Czar of All the Russias, and his family were executed by the Bolsheviks. Even juicier is the revelation that Marinelli accepted travel money from a Kremlin backed nationalist group.

Mind, far be it for anyone to suggest that a well meaning attempt to liberate the biggest and, in many considerations, the most liberal state of the Union from the clutches of the Orange Haired Overlord is being conducted by Putin’s FSB.

To think such a thing would certainly be the height of paranoia.

Of course, one could just imagine an independent California turning to Russia as an ally to protect it from being dragged back into the United States, Abraham Lincoln style, by an aggressive America. To be sure, such an effort would not require marching the Army on Sacramento.

Cutting off California’s water and energy supplies would be enough to bring it to heel. Russia’s help is likely to come at too high a price for the sweet progressives of Hollywood and Silicon Valley to stomach.

Still, those people lining up to put a finger in Donald’s eye while singing “The Bonnie Bear Flag” need to ask themselves, whose interests are they serving anyway?