A Model from Russia became internet famous after she was photographed dangling from Cayan Tower in dubai. The woman, 23-year-old Viktoria Odintcova, was filmed holding the hand of a man while she hung over the edge of the tower. Her footage went viral after sharing it with her millions of Instagram followers, but local police were not amused by the stunt.

The assistant to the chief of police in Dubai, Major-General Khalil Ibrahim al-Mansouri, said the model was summoned to sign an undertaking that she would not do such a stunt in Dubai again. He said the stunt endangered her life.

He said that what the woman did represents a danger to her life.

The model didn't use safety equipment

She shared a few posts to her followers. In one of the posts, the model said all of the stunts were performed by professionals. She added that people shouldn't attempt to try any of the stunts themselves.

However, she was criticized by many because she didn't use any safety equipment as she dangled from the tower. The model was relying on just one man to grip her hand. A lot of people said that what she did was irresponsible and others may try to copy her.

One social media user asked how the model could just disregard her life. They added that both she and the guy would be smacked if they were the woman's parent.

Another user said they hoped the model would be barred from Dubai and that she should be arrested for promoting dangerous behavior.

The Cayan Group speaks out

The Cayan Tower is owned by the Cayan Group, a property development company in the Middle East. The group condemned the model's stunt. Jizail Dhahir, Cayan Group’s head of marketing, said the tower has been used for extreme sports events in the past, but there has always been emergency and safety services on site.

He continued to say that they have a process of choosing professionals and they review all safety measures before they approve an event.

The model didn't appear to be scared in the video. She said she wasn't feeling much fear as she did the stunt. However, she did say she felt scared of the danger she was in after she watched the videos and saw the photos.