If the evidence is needed to lend support for the idea that making Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass the face of the Democratic Party is a brilliant move, the Hill reports that a Politico/Morning Consult Poll has President trump at 42 percent to Warren’s 36 percent in a 2020 matchup. Trump loses to an unnamed Democrat, however. The poll was taken just after the Senate vote for Warren to be silent after she broke the rules by slandering Jeff Sessions, then still a senator and now the Attorney General.

Of course, while the poll has Trump beating Warren comfortably his numbers are still low, and a large number of undecideds exist at 22 percent.

On the other hand, the 2020 election cycle will not even have begun for another three years, plenty of time for things to change substantially. Indeed, by 2020 Warren might not be a senator any longer if her reelect numbers hold up and the Republicans can find a viable candidate in deep blue Massachusetts.

Trump has hit a bad patch with losing his National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and having his pick for Labor Secretary having to withdraw. Less than a month into his administration, none of Trump’s major agenda items have passed. The media is already calling the Trump presidency a failure, an assessment that is likely premature, mildly speaking. After all, if one was to believe the media, the United States should have been in the first month of the heady glow of the Clinton restoration, and Trump should have been back at his penthouse home overlooking New York City making angry tweets.

He is still making angry tweets, but those are coming from the Oval Office.

Still, if not Warren, then who would the Democrats put up to topple Trump and restore the natural order of things, that being a Democratic government? If the economy is humming along, ISIS destroyed, and the astronauts returned triumphantly from lunar orbit, the temptation would be for the Democrats to follow their hearts if they are going to lose anyway. On the other hand, Elizabeth Warren might be a prescription for an enormous 40 plus state loss and an even more emboldened Trump second term.