President Trump is facing an international crisis he could easily deal with, but will he ignore millions of innocent Muslim children who have little or no food and health care? Even a tiny piece of his own wealth could save thousands each month by sending medical supplies and a small amount of money to pay doctors and nurses.

World Health Organization

Hospital staff in Yemen haven’t been paid for 5 months and lack medicine and fuel for the generators. Al-Tharwa Hospital in Al-Hudaydah has 1200 staff and 320 beds but 1500 people each day go there for help.

President Trump doesn’t like foreign aid, but just lowering the proposed Mexican wall by one foot could save almost $1 billion a fraction of which could be used to alleviate suffering and boost the image of the US in the Muslim world which, in turn, would help fight terrorism. Saudi Arabia is already sending financial aid.

($1 billion? 1 foot from a 40 ft wall = 0.025 x $35 billion = $875 million - $35B is the estimated cost including average government overruns.)

Not just a local problem.

The US is to blame for much of the unrest in the region by deposing Saddam Hussein who was previously supported by the US to keep down trouble makers. But even if the US didn’t share part of the blame, the risk to the entire world from such a Humanitarian Crisis is that some new, virulent disease could easily develop in such a cesspool of disease and malnutrition.

Remember Ebola and the cost of keeping keep it from spreading to the US? All epidemiologists agree that if more resources had been invested earlier the crisis could have been stopped a year or more earlier.

A new disease created in a major health disaster anywhere in the world is just an airplane ride from Washington, DC, or New York city and you can't ban doctors from returning from humanitarian missions forever.

If Congress won't to send aid to Yemen, a billionaire such as President Trump should be able to come up with a few million dollars on his own and bring pressure on others in the top 1% to raise a mere $100 million. That’s just 10 months of the extra cost the GAO says his weekly golf vacations to Florida are costing for security.

Presidents, including Trump always work even during time away from the White House, but extra vacation costs need to be looked at if, as President Trump has said, he wants to bring the budget under control.


Besides the lack of basic medical supplies such as antibiotics and even bandages in Yemen, 2 million children are suffering from malnutrition as well as 2.5 million adults. The World Health Organization reports 462,000 thousand children suffering severe acute malnutrition.

The WHO has 15 therapeutic feeding centers and wants to open 25 more if they can get funding. Last year the WHO requested $124 million (0.36% of the cost of the Mexico wall which President Trump’s own experts say is useless) but received only $61 million.

Hundreds of children are dying from severe malnutrition right in the therapeutic feeding centre and with no transportation, many children in rural villiages simply die at home.”

WHO's Dr. Zagaria said, "We are asked to fill gaps created by the collapsing health institutions [with very limited resources]. “We urgently need resources .... and are calling on donors to scale-up their support before more innocent lives are lost unnecessarily,”