Some things appear bizarre like cows Urine having therapeutic properties including a cure for Cancer. In India where cows are sacred, the government has set up a committee to study the effect of cows urine on a cure for a wide range of diseases including cancer. The committee coordinator is Dr. Kaavya Dashora. The committee will function from an office located at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. Dr. Dashora believes that therapeutic properties of cow urine are known aĺl over the world and only need to be validated. Hindus worship the cow and cow slaughter is banned in most states in India.

Cow urine

Cow urine has been used to cure diseases since Vedic times and is nothing new. In the city of Indore, a clinic is run by Virendra Kumar Jain. The clinic named "Jain's cows urine therapy health clinic" has 19 doctors on its role. Cow urine as a form of medication is part of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine system. At Jain's clinic, patients are treated for a wide range of illnesses successfully.

State funding

The Indian government has also approved a funding program of $5 billion to improve the breed of cows and more dairy products. Homes for destitute cows are being established. The coming to power of Narendra Modi and the BJP has led to a spurt in cow protection and welfare measures.

Banning cow slaughter has also gained importance. Part of this is dictated by the fact that the cow is sacred in Hindu religion.

Cow protectionism

The Muslim community which eats beef is at the receiving end of this cow protectionism. In the last few weeks, 4 Muslims have been killed on suspicion of being involved in cow slaughter.

Cow urine therapy is part of the range of items supplied by the Baba Ramdev's "Patanjali products". These products are sold all over India and are also exported to the UAE and USA

Last word

The idea for a committee to validate the ancient Indian theory on cow urine was mooted in December 2016 and the committee will commence work in February 2017. But validating the therapeutic properties of cow urine to withstand the test of modern science may not be as easy as it looks.