The Florida State Fair hosted the state's largest midway section with all the carnival games and rides you could endure. It also housed the largest Ferris wheel standing at about 155 feet tall was the Midway Sky Eye. There was also a menagerie of fair food ranging from red velvet elephant ears to deep fried bacon covered in chocolate. Of course there are also stapled favorites from locals such as deep fried Oeros, Snickers, Reese's cups, and Twinkies.

After Fair Day

When the fair opens up in Florida, it is a big deal. The first week the fair is open, that Friday is given to students known as Fair Day.

Students from local schools in Hillsborough county are given free admission tickets to the fair, while parents have to go to work, schools are not in session on those days where it is a day given to the kids. But there are times during and after Fair Day where students can go to the historic Cracker Country exhibit that houses replicas and historic buildings from the 1800s to the 1900s of what life was like in Florida's early days.

So far the newest exhibit to come to the fair includes the history of sweets, kids and adults alike can walk through the exhibit to learn about the history of sweets and what some of the origins of sour candies came to be. The exhibit is shaped like the old board game Candy Land and has a few great spots for those selfies.

People visiting the fair can enjoy the live entertainment except the Country Gold Tour, which is not covered with the general admission ticket. People at the fair can also visit local craft makers who sell their wares from across the states. Of course there's nothing like the food that would be more drawing to crowds and fair lovers alike.

Fried and dined

Funnel cakes are coming back to the fair with some interesting options to the menus. Besides the red velvet funnel cakes there are cheesy enchilada funnel cakes, pizza funnel cakes, and deep fried bubble gum and cookie dough. There's also a grilled cheese doughnut, a pretzel dog covered in white cheddar and bacon, poutine which is fries covered in cheese curds and gravy, and a Southern twist on shrimp and grits in the shape of a sundae.

There's also BBQ options for those smoked ribs lovers. The Alaskan Soda Jerks are some people in a food truck dedicated to the old fashioned deserts of the 1950's complete with music from the decade.