In Florida, there are places the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is meant to protect, from the Everglades to other natural Florida species that are under attack. Now, the epa's place in Florida is in jeopardy thanks to some Trump supporters and his administration. While the agency was created under Richard Nixon, the agency has been depicted as a malicious and cruel villain in movies such as "Ghostbusters" and "The Simpsons Movie."

Uncertain future

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is supposed to be the new head of the EPA. He is known for filing lawsuits against the agency.

He was appointed by President Donald Trump to regulate and give order to the lawless agency. But now in Florida, a Republican member of Florida's Congress wants to remove the entire agency by complete removal through a proposed bill that could mean Florida's natural preserves will come under attack from industry.

The bill was created and filed by Rep. Matt Gaetz and would mean the agency no longer exists in Florida by 2018. The bill leaves the Environment and many of Florida's preserved spaces under the care of state and local governments to do as they see fit.

Floridian importance

While no one likes the EPA, in Florida's history four food processing plants killed 26 million fish in Lake Thonotosassa in 1969.

If the EPA was gone, beaches and outgoing adventures such as walking or jogging could be harmful to someone's health. Instead of isolated flesh-eating bacteria in Sarasota County, the bacteria would be all over the Florida coast -- good luck swimming in that. In Tampa Bay there would have been breathing problems and air pollutants that could make mask-wearing a predominant thing of the present and future.

However, the biggest drawback to the EPA was the lack of wetland protection (as more and more development was being built on top of Florida's largest flood prevention). As engineering talks are in session to raise the stretch of highways and state roads that cross the wetlands, there has been no action from the people. If the EPA leaves, then we are up the creek in the worst place possible.