Donald Trump has many admirers in Europe where the far right has had an infusion of blood with his victory. A corroborative factor is the influx of refugees, mainly from the war-torn lands of the Middle East and the resultant increase in crime. One of the political leaders who is likely to win the election is Geert Wilders. He leads the Freedom party. He is a far-right politician who has hailed the victory of Donald Trump as a "patriotic spring." He is against the influx of Muslims into the country and is advocating that all mosques in the country be shut down.

He wants to go eveb further than Donald, suggesring that the Koran be banned and the borders closed to immigrants. He has compared the Koran to Hitler's book "Mein Kampf."

Geert Wilder

As things stand, Geert Wilder may come first in the election, but in a system of proportional representation in Parliament, he will have to form a colaition. His partners are unlikely to echo the extreme views of Geert. He could thus end up doing practically nothing much and all his present talk could be just rhetoric.

Geert also is against the EU and has stated that he would like to take the Netherlands out of the union. This again would be music to Donald who had supported the exit of the UK from the EU all along.

The German vice chancellor and economy minister Sigmar Gabriel has issued a warning that the EU could fall apart in case people like Geert come to power. The situation in Germany is also changing.The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AFD) is also gaining ground.

Extreme views

Geert Wilder remains unfazed and is firm in his views that the Netherlands is a country based on Christian principles.

He has further stated that " Islam and freedom are not compatible". He is particularly against the Morrocons who were the first to come to Netherlands. His extremist views find an echo in France as well where the far-right Leader Marine Pen has similar views.


The elections in France and the Netherlands will be watched keenly and Donald Trump will be happy that he has support in Europe.