The Floating Bridge is a landmark of Dubai. Thousands of cars ply across the waterway. Yesterday the bridge was closed by the Dubai police in a swift action as a barge near the bridge caught fire. A rescue operation was mounted, and 14 sailors were rescued from the vessel. In case the fire had not been controlled there was a real chance of the boat hitting the bridge and causing real damage. The police acted promptly, and the fire brigade using the latest equipment doused the flames and saved the sailors.

The bridge

The police also enforced strict discipline to control the traffic.The bridge is a pontoon bridge which was built in 2007 and since then has been a landmark of the city.

It was built at the cost of $35 million. It connects the old city with the modern structures across the creek.

The density of traffic on the bridge is heavy, and it has the capacity of allowing 6000 vehicles to cross in one hour. The bridge has specific timings of operation and at night when part of the bridge is lifted to allow maritime vessels to navigate from one to another side of the bay.The Dubai police tweeted about closing the bridge to warn all motorists.

Fire accidents

Dubai has had its fair share of fire accidents. One of the latest fire accident was in the high rising building opposite the Burj Khalifa. A fire started which was visible to all. At the same time, a sound and light show was in progress.

However, the fire was put out promptly, and despite the raging fire, the sound and light show continued. This was because thousands of tourists were watching. It was a brave decision.


Dubai last year hosted over 10 million visitors with many from the United States.

It is a tourist paradise. Many expatriates from the USA work here.The UAE has a close relationship with India and America. The present US president Donald Trump has huge investments in Dubai under his DAMAC brand. He was to invest another $2 billion but stopped at the last moment after he became president.

Last word

The bridge is safe due to the timely action of the Dubai police. But the hazard of such bridges that hug the water cannot be obviated. The Dubai police also acted with alacrity in diverting traffic.