You all heard the news just a few weeks ago on January 27th: President Donald Trump enacted a travel ban that impacted the people of seven prominent Muslim countries (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen). Now, he's at it again, though Trump has promised that this ban will be a little bit different (read: more legal) this time around. According to sources, however, the latest update isn't all that different from the original. The same seven Muslim countries will continue to be targeted, though to what extent remains unclear.

What's different this time?

According to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelley, this act will be "a tighter, more streamlined version of the first executive order." Unlike the first version of the ban, this one will not impact anyone who already holds a green card. When the original ban was enacted in late January, the effect it had on folks who were already cleared to enter the United States caused major concern and prompted several courts to block the ban, much to Donald Trump's chagrin. There are still several points of contention regarding this update, though: What is the status on non-immigrant and special immigration visas? What happens to Syrian refugees? Will it continue to be a Muslim ban?

When will the ban take effect?

The updated travel ban is set to roll out as early as sometime this week or over the weekend. Unlike the first ban, which took effect immediately and simultaneously, this one will take effect in phases. The newest ban will not affect anyone who is already en route to the United States at the time the ban takes effect, unlike the first iteration which caused panic and confusion at several large airports.

What can you expect?

Already, several legal organizations - especially those like ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) - are expecting a prominent legal battle to ensue once the new ban takes effect. As they stated on twitter, "We're ready."

They are far from being the only ones to speak out, however.

Just yesterday, immigration activists posted a 20-foot long banner across the Statue of Liberty rejecting the idea of barring immigrants and refugees from entering the country.

The banner was taken down this morning, but that doesn't mean that the sentiment behind it is gone. What do you think of the latest travel ban? Will Donald Trump divide our nation?