Since the 18th Century, being sworn in as president of the United States has meant becoming commander in chief of the country’s armed forces. In 2017, it means become commander of another set of forces -- the massive power of internet sites and social media accounts. The crucial role alternative media is in modern America is best demonstrated by the top-priority action of taking control of White House and other websites. Within an hour of his taking his oath of office, Donald Trump was clearly taking control of the executive branch’s media.

Ready to tweet

On Twitter, Trump’s new Twitter ID is @POTUS. The account formerly featured the tweets of Barack Obama. Those have been archived at @POTUS44. Melania Trump now controls @FLOTUS, formerly used by Michelle Obama, whose White House tweets were moved to @FLOTUS44. Mike Pence now uses @VP, with Joe Biden’s tweets moved to @VP44. Karen Pence is @SecondLady on Twitter, with Dr. Jill Biden’s tweets moved to @DrBiden44. New tweets from the White House will be at @WhiteHouse, with the Obama-era tweets housed at @ObamaWhiteHouse.

Obama out, Trump in

The main White House website is also being revamped. Upon first visit, a surfer is offered a new form for signing up for newsletters from President Trump.

The site also features new biographies of Trump, Pence, the first lady, and Mrs. Pence. Gone is the Obama agenda, replaced by “America First Energy Plan,” “America First Foreign Policy,” “Bringing Back Jobs and Growth,” “Making Our Military Strong Again,” “Standing up for our Law Enforcement Community,” and “Trade Deals Working for All Americans.”

Inaugural address online

Trump’s inaugural address was added in full to the speeches-and-remarks section.

Waiting for new copy are sections set aside for press briefings, statements, releases, presidential actions, legislation, nominations, appointments and disclosures. An area is also set aside for a listing of cabinet members with links to their departments. Since Trump has just become president, the Senate has yet to act on nominations the new presidents is expected to submit.