Truck attacks are turning out to be a deadly method to kill and create panic in the west and other places. Perfected by the ISIS think tank, they are having a deadly effect. Starting with the Nice carnage and the Berlin attack, the city of Jerusalem in Israel witnessed a similar attack. A truck driven by a Palestine mowed down a crowd in Jerusalem and the driver was reversing to kill more before he was shot dead. 15 others were injured as the year has now started with this deadly attack.

Police action

The police have moved swiftly and 5 people including the killer drivers father and brother have been arrested.

As per the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, the driver had been identified and it appeared that he was a sympathizer of the ISIS. The Israeli prime minister was visiting the site of the murderous assault.

Deep division

There is deep division in Palestine between the Arabs and the Jews and many residents of Gaza were seen distributing sweets to celebrate the attack. The militant terror group Hamas did not take responsibility for the attack but praised the "heroic act."

Israeli Channel 2 TV showed the truck moving at high speeds before veering off the road into a crowd in the Armon Hanatz area. The dead included 3 women and 1 man all in their early twenties. 15 were injured and one is reported in critical condition.

The truck was reversing to kill more before he was shot dead. Jerusalem is itself a bone of contention and Israel has made the city its capital. The Palestinians also claim Jerusalem and the Imam of the Al Aksa mosque had made the controversial sermon to migrants and exhorted them to " fertilize the European women" to spread Islam.

Last word

The police chief has said the attacker was an Arab from East Jerusalem. It appears the Israeli intelligence had no information about any such attack. Which by itself is alarming and shows that such attacks may be the norm in future. The west will have to think of something to stop such truck attacks. During the last 4 months, Palestinian attackers have killed 40 Israelis including 2 Americans.