Chief White House strategist, Steve Bannon, has kept largely quiet since leaving Breitbart News to join the ranks of the Trump “camp,” much to the suspicion of many. Given his questionable background, speculation as to his role and influence is about to be confirmed front and center. During a telephone interview with the New York Times on Wednesday, Bannon argued that news organizations were humiliated by the presidential election outcome and described the media as the Trump administration’s opposition party. Bannon said the media should be embarrassed, keep its mouth shut and listen for a while.

Bannon, who rarely gives interviews, even gave the paper permission to quote his remarks. Trump, and those close to him, have been very vocal in their opinion of media coverage (with the exception of Fox News) for the president’s inaugural crowd size and his allegations of voter fraud. Ironically, Steven Bannon and the president’s daughter Tiffany, were both registered to vote in two states during the election. The former head of the right-wing website Breitbart echoed his boss’ sentiments of being in a war with the most dishonest people on earth – the media. During the phone call, Bannon accused the “elite” media of being biased, being dead wrong and out of touch with the public.

The war against the media

Reportedly, Steve Bannon spoke bluntly, but calmly and did not shy away from using profanities. At one point, he referred to himself as Darth Vader and stated that Mr. Trump was elected by working class hobbits and deplorables. When asked if Sean Spicer lost any credibility, Bannon chortled and answered with his belief that Spicer’s conduct was a badge of honor and it was the media who has zero integrity and intelligence.

A manipulator of the press, it is said that it was Bannon who egged on Spicer’s confrontational comments at the recent White House briefing.

Could it get even worse?

Throughout history, whenever fascism, authoritarian rule and the like began, it was usually preceded by an attack on the press. It began with words. Scorn and harassment of the “elite media” is encouraged and whips the listening public into a frenzy.

The press is constantly identified as enemies. Americans are at a serious crossroad. At some point, the question will be seriously asked: are we headed in the direction of fascism, and if so, do we really want to give up democracy for domination?