The United States government has increased the reward from $10 million to $25 million for anyone who hands in information regarding the whereabouts of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The bounty will be paid out to anybody who distributes information on the terrorist which leads to his capture or death. The increase was announced via the US Central Command's Facebook and Twitter page, with al-Baghdadi's bounty now the same value as that of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

ISIS being infiltrated by Iraqi insider

Sources from Iraq have claimed that the Iraq-born al-Baghdadi has become increasingly paranoid regarding his capture, sleeping underground whilst attired in a suicide bomb vest at all times, as his soldiers suffer increased attacks from Iraqi and Peshmerga troops.

The Mirror reports that al-Baghdadi's movements are being leaked from within Mosul, with senior Kurdish commanders claiming that they have a former al-Quaeda man working as an undercover agent for them. Iraqi intelligence state that they have been receiving texts from the mole since the infant stages of the operation to free Baghdad from Islamic State occupation.

ISIS leader becoming paranoid

The leaked information has made Islamic State members so paranoid that they have resorted to spying on other members and their families, with leader al-Baghdadi ordering soldiers to kill anyone they suspect to be guilty of treason. The Iraqi and Kurdish sources also claimed that the ISIS leader may have escaped to a town bordering Syria in November, as the Iraqi and Peshmerga soldiers began to diminish Islamic State's presence in Iraq.

One message during this period from their insider claimed that al-Baghdadi had started neglecting appearances, as he began to fear for his capture. The informant also claimed that al-Baghdadi was growing increasingly suspicious of those around him, ordering the deaths of many he was suspicious of.

ISIS torture methods for treachery

It has also been revealed that both the United Kingdom's M16 and the CIA also have trained agents inside Mosul. According to Iraqi officials, punishment for treachery within ISIS is dealt with via torture, with 58 previous suspects placed in cages and drowned by the Islamic State. The city of Mosul was proclaimed as a caliphate (Islamic State) by al-Baghdadi during the Summer of 2014, following the invasion of Isis soldiers, who butchered thousands in the process. However, the acting defense minister of the Kurdish government has claimed that ISIS is now struggling thanks to the bravery of the soldiers fighting against them.