One of the enduring mysteries surrounding the violent protests against the inauguration of President Donald Trump has been the identity of the smart mouth brat who had set a fire and then told Fox News on camera that he did it to, “S--- our president.” Presumably, the boy meant Trump, though at the time that he uttered the curse phrase heard round the world Barack Obama was having his last night as the occupant of the White House.

It turns out that the foul mouthed little arsonist is Connor Carey, according to TMZ, the son of Drew Carey. The older Carey is the current host of “The Price is Right,” and has been in a number of TV shows and has been a standup comedian for decades.

What makes the incident too delicious is that Carey is one of the rare Hollywood conservatives, albeit with libertarian tendencies.

Connor’s on-air stunt earned him a very frank conversation with his parents, the content of which can only be imagined. He admitted later that his choice of words was poor, to put it mildly, and that he was caught up in the emotions of the moment. Connor was making an ill-considered attempt at inprov, just like his old man has been known to do on television. Unlike Drew Carey, young Connor’s first outing before the cameras fell more than a little flat.

Along with the stern lecture about being an embarrassment on national television and the meting out of punishments, Drew likely gave his son a few pro tips about comedy.

Blue comedy is all well a good but requires a certain finesse to elevate it above and beyond using shock language to elicit nervous tittering. In any case, it should never be attempted by a prepubescent child.

Comedy is all about timing. Connor set a fire and then offered an obscene explanation as to why he did it. Besides the fact that pyrotechnics should never be used by anyone but experts, the boy insulted the wrong president.

Obama was still POTUS and was on his way out. Trump was not yet sworn in.

But not to worry, Donald Trump is likely to provide a huge amount of material for comedy in the next four to eight years. Some of it may even be funny.