When interviewed by TMZ about the recent Chicago kidnapping and torture of a mentally-impaired white male that one of the alleged attackers streamed live on Facebook, celebrity addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky expressed a rather unusual opinion, stating that he feels sorry for the two black males and two black females who stand accused of the heinous crime.

Dr. Drew feels sorry for the torturers

In a video posted on Sunday by TMZ, Dr. Drew explained that he "felt bad" for the perpetrators, quickly adding that he also felt terrible for the victim.

"Their lives are going to be over, we've failed them...we have failed them," lamented Pinsky, perhaps best known for his VH1 show "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew."

During the brief interview, which lasted under two minutes, Dr. Drew said that he believes parents have to be more "on top" of their children by setting firmer limits without being too aggressive. "I mean if we were aggressive with a dog and that dog ended up biting people would we be surprised?" asked Dr. Drew.

Names of kidnappers released by authorities

According to Chicago police, the alleged members of the torture gang are Jordan Hill, Tesfaye Cooper, and Brittany Covington, all 18 years of age, and Tanisha Covington, age 24. The gang reportedly abducted their victim at a McDonald's before taking him to an apartment, where he was bound and gagged, beaten, cut with a knife, burned with cigarettes, forced to drink water from a toilet, and kiss the floor.

The Facebook video also shows the victim, who is mentally-impaired, having a piece of his scalp cut off, while one of the kidnappers can be heard in the background shouting, "F--- Donald Trump! F--- white people!" At one point during the assault the victim is forced to profess his love for black people.

The four individuals accused of the assault are facing a variety of felony charges for the kidnapping and beating -- charges that could result in decades-long prison sentences. hate crime charges have also been brought against the perpetrators.