At a press conference on January 3rd, Aurora Police confirmed that a child’s body was found in an icy pond at Olympic Park approximately 0.2 miles from the home of child David Puckett, reported missing on New Year's Day. A special dog led police to the pond where they found the body underneath the ice.

"I have the very unfortunate news of letting you know that in a pond just behind me, just about two or three hundred yards away, that we found the body of what appears to be a child inside the pond underneath the ice," said Chief of Police Nick Metz, Aurora Police Department.

He stated that although the pond had been searched before, there were "no indications of broken ice" at the time.

Body suspected to be missing child

The identity of the body has not yet been confirmed but due to the location and other relevant factors, authorities strongly believe that the body belongs to the missing child. Police have contacted the Puckett family and notified them of their findings. The family have requested that the media and the public respect their privacy as they try to cope with the news.

On Saturday, December 31st, at around 5:30 pm, six-year-old david puckett went missing from his home in Aurora, Colorado. Authorities issued an amber alert on Monday after not being able to find the boy, amid concerns that so much time had passed and he was not dressed for the cold weather.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the FBI, and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, along with over a hundred volunteers canvassed the neighborhoods and searched extensively for the missing boy, but had no leads.

Reward offered

The police described the child as "at risk" because of a learning disability, and for having wandered away from school property in the past.

A $10,000 reward had been offered for any information on the missing boy. Although foul play had not been suspected, the police are treating the area where the body was found as a crime scene and the investigation is still ongoing.