Donald Trump is not yet president and, as of this writing, may not achieve that high office. However, rumors have started about who will grace his government. Two interesting names have come to the fore. Rudy Giuliani would become attorney general, and Newt Gingrich would become secretary of state. Both men are in their 70s, and both have been Trump’s warmest supporters during the 2016 election.

Giuliani as attorney general is a no brainer. Before he became mayor of New York, cleaned the city up, and then became the Rock of 9/11, Giuliani was a United States Attorney under President Ronald Reagan when he prosecuted mobsters and Wall Street crooks.

He would be the perfect person to clean up the Justice Department that has become so politicized under the Obama administration.

Gingrich as secretary of state would be – interesting. The former speaker and presidential candidate is steeped with knowledge of national security and foreign policy issues more than anyone since Henry Kissinger. On the other hand, Gingrich is a plain-spoken man with a decidedly undiplomatic demeanor. Of course, that sort may be just the person that Trump would want handling his foreign policy.

Reince Priebus, currently chair of the Republican National Committee, is being looked at as White House chief of staff. Priebus would be a nod at the Republican establishment and would represent some adult supervision for a president given to going off on tangents with self-control issues.

Lt. General Michael Flynn would go to defense, Steve Mnuchin would go to treasury, and Lew Eisenberg would go to commerce. Rumor has it that Sarah Palin would take on energy of the interior.

Veterans of the Romney campaign and the second Bush administration would emerge from the law firms and think tanks where everyone who is out of government resides and fill the ranks of the various departments and agencies.

For the most part, the Trump people are considering smart, experienced people to form a government. Mike Pence as vice president would have a heavy role in the potential administration in the style of Dick Cheney.

Now all Trump has to do is win the election.