Late on Saturday, September 17th explosions again rang out in the tristate area. This time the location of the blast was the heart of New York City's Chelsea neighborhood. Local, state and federal authorities are currently working to identify the cause of this explosion.

At this time it is not known if this incident could be related to the explosion which occurred earlier in the day in Seaside Park, New Jersey. What we can be certain of is that authorities are pursuing every possible lead at this time. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has pledged the complete resources of the state.

Agencies of all kinds are on the ground and working to secure the streets of New York City and the greater tristate area.

Potentially multiple explosions.

Reports have come on Twitter and other forms of social media suggesting that there were multiple explosions heard around the time of the initial blast. These claims have not been verified at this time. Currently the New York Fire Department is assessing building at the site of the initial blast to determine they are structurally sound. A specialized robot is being utilized to investigate a possible second device as of 11:55PM EST.

It is unclear if there is a bombor if police are taking precautions to clear the area. Tensions are high on the streets and many in New York have been shaken by the news.

All efforts are being made by police to secure the city and protect losses of life. Those with no reason to be out on the streets are instructed to stay home so the police and other agencies may conduct their investigations.

Stand with NYC

New York is one of the strongest cities in the world. When things like this happen, New Yorkers pull together and embrace each other.

In this as on all days, it is imperative that the people of New York work together to ensure the safety of friends, families and neighborhoods. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and Police Commissioner James P. O'neill have stressed that this investigation is ongoing and they will update as more information becomes available.

The world stands with New York City!