In a scathing speech, delivered Thursday at a community college in Reno, Nevada, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of giving voice to a “paranoid fringe” within the conservative movement, known as the “alt-right.” Clinton described the alt-right as a racist, nationalist fringe group, which operates primarily online and is made up of mostly Trump supporters who reject mainstream conservatism.

Clinton cited the Trump campaign’s recent hiring of Breitbart Executive Chairman Steven Bannon as campaign CEO as evidence of his ties to the alt-right, even going so far as to read aloud several provocative headlines which have been posted on the online outlet.

The Trump campaign brought on Bannon in a recent campaign shake-up which included the promotion of Kellyanne Conway to campaign manager.

Clinton goes after Trump’s new campaign messaging

Since Kellyanne Conway’s appointment, Trump’s campaign has shifted its approach in an attempt to turn the polls around, and made several appeals to Hispanic and African-American voters in a series of teleprompter speeches. He has suggested that America’s inner-cities and minority communities have been left behind by the Democratic Party in recent decades.

Clinton responded to Trump’s new message with a message of her own, referencing his new campaign staff: “He may have some new people putting new words in his mouth… but we know where he stands” (Vox).

New polls show Trump improving with minority voters

Clinton’s speech in Reno comes on the heels of new polls, showing the race tightening nationwide and Trump improving in certain battleground states. A new Florida Atlantic University poll shows Trump taking a narrow lead in Florida for the first time since early July. This poll also suggests that Trump’s appeals to minority voters may be resonating.

It is yet unclear what the full effects of Trump’s new tone and messaging will be, but Clinton’s speech is a direct response to his attempts to reach minority voters, and indicates the Democratic candidate’s camp is concerned.