The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that the Obama Administration has chosen to ignore a report from German Intelligence that Iran is developing missile and nuclear bomb technology in violation of the nuclear weapons agreement that the Islamic Republic signed with the White House. The party line being offered by the administration is that the Iranian government continues to adhere to the agreement. Any questions concerning the German report that states otherwise is being referred to the Berlin government.

When President Barack Obama first forged the nuclear weapons deal, thus lifting economic sanctions, critics of the agreement pointed out that the inspection regime was inadequate to verify that the pact is being followed.

The critics appear to have been vindicated. However, the reaction of the administration seems to be to deny that the violations are taking place. That way, President Obama will not have to admit that he has crafted the worst diplomatic blunder since the 1938 Munich Agreement that ceded the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany and led to World War II.

The awful question that arises is how much progress will Iran make toward acquiring nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them before a president is elected who will react to its violations of the agreement. Donald Trump would certainly crack down on Iran if he is elected president. Hillary Clinton, who was involved in the beginning negotiations for the agreement, is capable of anything.

Perhaps the only thing that would convince the Obama administration and its apologists that it has blundered would be the sudden appearance of a mushroom cloud at an Iranian test site. Then the politics of the Middle East changes forever. Israel, for example, might feel that it is within its rights to use its own nuclear arsenal to wipe out Iran’s weapons of mass destruction.

Iran, in turn, would inevitably proceed to find a way to use their nuclear weapon to strike at Israel and also to take down the United States, by using it as an EMP weapon to take down the electrical power grid.

To sum up, Obama’s denial of the mess he has made with the Iran nuclear weapons deal may lead to a catastrophe of biblical proportions with the potential for millions of deaths and untold destruction.