Did you survive April Fool's Day with minimal damage? This year it looks like the joke was on Google with their mic drop feature causing more headaches than laughter.

Why So Corny?

For once Pornhub’s adult site passed the not safe for work (NSFW) test; although it’s hard to say whether corporate firewalls allowed access to the site.

A catchy banner splashed, “Welcome To CornHub! Feeling Corny? Hot, juicy and steamy corn!” Visitors found categories such as “Popped Corn,” “Mature Corn,” “Corn Toys” and “Interracial Corn.”

Soon enough, plenty of “corny” jokes spread like butter across the Twitterverse.

Some speculated on whether the corn was GMO or all-natural.

Most comments on the site included tamer statements such as “I’m feeling corny..” but it quickly degenerates into much racier and NSFW.

More Food for Fraud

Probably the all-time prank of April Fool’s Day was the news report that BBC aired in 1957 about a “bumper crop” for the Swiss spaghetti harvest due to a mild winter and "virtual disappearance of the spaghetti weevil.”

Viewers even called in asking how they could observe the annual harvest. Some wondered how they could plant a spaghetti tree themselves. The BBC advised them to "place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best."

History of Foolery

People speculate about the roots of this unofficial holiday.

Some point out the change of New Year’s due to the change from the Julian calendar. Those who stuck to the old celebration were dubbed April fools.

Over the years this tradition stuck, and each year has seen its share of elaborate pranks and hoaxes. Probably one of the other outrageous jokes played was the Sports Illustrated created baseball player who supposedly could pitch at 168 miles per hour.

At the time of this article, the reserve price set for the auction of the Corn Hub domain was for $485,000. Neither the site owner nor the auction site could be reached for comment.

While the site had mostly tame innuendo, you may have a hard time explaining to your IT support why you were there in the first place.