The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation reports that Russian Su-24 bomber was shot down on Turkish-Syrian border. The official speaker of Ministry of Defence Igor Konashenkov said that Su-24 pilots catapulted but their position is unknown at this moment.

Igor Konashenkov also said that Ministry of Defence investigates circumstances of bomber crush. During the flight, Su-24 was in Syrian air area all the time; this fact was fixed by verification means. Su-24 bomber admittedly crushed for a reason of ground shooting attack.

Reuters reports that one of Turkish military sources said that the aircraft bomber was shot down while violating the air space on the Syrian-Turkish border.

According to data of General Staff, the unknown aircraft was violating Turkish air area several times during 5 minutes, the aircraft crew was warned about it 10 times. According to data of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Turkey, the unknown aircraft was shot down by two F-16S fighter aircrafts.

Reuters’ source says that two aircrafts were going to the Turkish air border, they both were warned, after it, one of them was shot down.

Haberturk and CNN Turk channels reported that one of catapulted pilots was prisoned by Syrian Turkmen who live in the area of aircraft crash.

According to Turkish mass media, two helicopters was send to evacuate pilots of crashed aircraft but they can’t land on because of firefight in that area.

On 16 October, remote-piloted vehicle was shot down in Turkish air area. Haberturk TV with reference to the data of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Turkey that shot down remote-piloted vehicle was identified as Russian-manufactured «Orlan-10», .

In return, The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation said that all Russian piloted vehicles operate as usual in Syria air area.

Vladimir Putin already said that Su-24 bomber was shot down by Turkey.

At this moment, NATO holds an emergency session after Su-24 bomber crash. NATO members suppose that this incident can cause problems with Kremlin and stop forming coalition against the ISIS.

Russian Air Forces under the command of Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation conducts air military operation against the ISIS rebels. The air attacks were increased after Russian Airbus A321 crash in Egypt and Paris attacks.