Andrew Kozlovski is a young entrepreneur who created Brainz Power—a nonaddictive focus supplement—when he was a student at USC. Having been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, the Business Insider and many other business-centered publications, Andrew is now actively raising awareness about the product he invented.

When he was a student, Andrew saw the harmful effects that drugs like Adderall had on his classmates. Brainz Power is a natural alternative that he created in conjunction with scientists and a lab that is FDA approved. In the span of a year, Andrew took a $500 investment and turned it into a six-figure revenue.

Andrew recently discussed his experience with Brainz Power via an exclusive interview.

Business, science and the creation process

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you get interested in business and what were your experiences like with USC?

Andrew Kozlovski (AK): I grew up in a little city in Georgia and always dreamed of a life of more, and of impact, and doing something great, I just had absolutely no idea how I was going to do it. Then I got an opportunity to go to a top 5 entrepreneurship school that really cultivated my skills, ways of thinking, and surrounded me with people (professors and students) that opened my mind to think bigger, dream a little bigger, and make things happen regardless of your age, resources, or current situation.

I was in a situation where I had to pay for college myself, so USC’s 69k per year tuition was one motivator to make things happen, but also, I knew that great entrepreneurs have experience so I knew the second I spotted an opportunity or a business idea I loved I would pursue it. In my head, I knew this way of thinking was a win-win scenario, because either my idea would work or I would gain experience which is just as valuable.

And that moment came my first semester of college, and before even graduating I was earning over 30k per month, and getting featured in Forbes, Los Angeles Business Journal, Business Insider and more. So, if anyone is interested in business you have to have courage and go for it, you never know what can happen. Everything I have done thus far was laughed at when I said it only 4 years ago, so prove everyone wrong.

MM: What prompted you to create Brainz Power?

AK: The idea for Brainz Power came about during my freshman year in college. Very quickly you begin to hear about a drug called Adderall and how it helps people study during finals week, or write an essay in one night, etc. Having heard about it multiple times my first semester I looked into and even went to a doctor to ask about the drug to see what it is. I found out it was a prescribed medication ONLY for people with ADHD, it’s also very harmful for the body, addictive, and is an amphetamine, all of which the people who use it to pass a class forget to look into. After learning how bad this drug is I looked for natural alternatives, there were none.

Immediately I found myself in a situation where there was a huge demand for a product like this and no one was executing on it. I quickly went to every single FDA approved laboratory in the US asking what kind of options there were for creating a product like this were, and ended up partnering with a lab to create a product with 8 ingredients that nourish the brain; all stimulant free. After that point, I knew where every single college student’s attention was, Instagram. So, I set out to figure the app out and learned how to grow and reach as many in-need college students as possible. Within 1 year I grew my business following to over 100k. I have since rebranded the company from just one single product, the original Brainz Power, to a full brain Health company where I again found the best ingredients possible and developed a subscription box that delivers the best possible brain nutrition every single month to your door.

We made an Organic Lions Mane product which is a hot nootropic mushroom, a Krill Oil which outperforms fish oil in regards to brain health, an Organic Coconut MCT Oil which is instant fuel for the brain, as well as our original Brainz Power that made us famous. So, four products, all the best individually on the market and when paired together I know I have just created the number one nootropic company on the market.

MM: How did you find the right ingredients and the scientists to work with? Did you have connections in the pharmaceutical industry?

AK: Right now, is the best time in history to become an entrepreneur because any and all information is out there and finding the right people or connecting with people you need is easier than ever before.

I contacted every single FDA approved lab in the US, gaining knowledge, insight, and mentorship from many. This would not have been able to be done without the help of experts not only in the laboratory but in business to support me along the way.

MM: What sorts of ill-effects do focus-drugs have on people and how is Brainz Power different?

AK: The side effects of using prescribed focus medications are well documented, but with Brainz Power all of our products are free from stimulant so every single ingredient supports your focus, memory, and stress levels without the side effects of jitters, sleeplessness, addiction, etc. Adderall however is an amphetamine, which is an addictive prescription medication with effects similar to meth according to the Delphi Behavioral Health group.

A majority of college students are taking the medications without a prescription and when taking unprescribed doses of a drug of this nature you’re left at a high risk of becoming addicted. Adderall abuse and use on college campuses has been increasing every single year for the past 10 years, so my sole mission with the inception of the company was to 1 educate on the dangers of what they are doing and 2 provide a safe and natural alternative to still perform well in their studies but to not harm their body in the process. I’ll leave this question with a study done by Recovery Brands, 2/3 of all young adults who tried prescription stimulants without a prescription are current or former college students.

It’s a real problem and no one was addressing it, so I did.

Promotion, inventions and plans

MM: How have you gone about promoting the supplement and what kinds of responses have you gotten?

AK: I’ve grown the business solely through social media. It was the perfect place to promote the product because I saw it as the only way of reaching the people that needed Brainz Power. The responses I get from the product are great, there is nothing more special to me when someone personally DMs me and says that they just bought the Brainz Box and they’re feeling results the same day. I am myself an extremely ambitious person, and to grow and develop a product that supports people like myself, those trying to do more and get more out of their lives, is extremely fulfilling.

This couldn’t have happened anymore perfectly if I tried.

MM: Have you invented anything else, or have anything in mind, and what are your plans for the future?

AK: This new year January 1st, 2019 I dropped the Brainz Box which introduced 3 new products, and was a long process to develop everything and get all the pieces together, but this is what entrepreneurship is about constantly getting better, smarter, and overall executing at a much higher level. Having graduated just over half a year ago I found myself with so much more time so I focused all my attention on creating the number one nootropic brand, period. I know that having the best product is always the best business plan so that’s what I spent 4 straight months on.

Outside of that one year ago I came out with my story as an entrepreneur and really started leaving my 2 cents on various topics, and my journey as an entrepreneur on Instagram which gave me more attention than probably the product itself. I have since grown my own personal brand to a following of over 125k (@andrewthekoz) and have been lucky enough to be featured in some of the most prestigious business outlets like Forbes, Business Insider, and over 20 more for the business I built while being a full-time college student. The next step is just to keep impacting lives with not only inspiration from my entrepreneurial story but also creating the best products possible to really impact people’s lives for the better.