Alexander Gurman is a producer, photographer, and media personality who often goes under the comedic moniker “Mr. Great” when he arranges all-inclusive fashion shows that celebrate people of all ages, sizes, shapes, and colors. A performer and comedian, the character of “Mr. Great” was directly inspired by the work of Sasha Baron Cohen who is known for creating “This Is America” and “Borat.”

Originally from Ukraine, Alexander produces and advertises the shows with his wife, Lana, who also designs clothes, especially their famous “Glow-in-the-Dark” collection of clothing which features bead-work sewn into the fabric that illuminates the outfits when lighting is low.

YouTube, BRIC, and the Sky Room

Alexander Gurman is known for his YouTube Studios and BRIC interviews which he conducts with many creative artists, although he puts a special focus on models. A key factor in “Mr. Great Productions” is that they are open to models of various ages, complexions, and sizes, essentially creating one of the most inclusive and friendly Modeling opportunities in New York.

Alexander is also famed for the fashion shows he arranges at Manhattan’s exclusive Sky Room nightclub, but he also adds artistic flair to the evening by having models read poems, sing, dance, etc., while on the runway. He also showcases the hottest new fashions from emerging talent such as the bedazzled purses and shoes by Alabama-based designer Tamika Deemer, who is known throughout the YouTube community as Akimat1114.

Tamika runs a YouTube channel called “A Handful of Blessings” and creates stunning shoes and accessories via her company, MECHIES.

Alexander and Lana want the models in their shows to embrace the fun and joy of modeling. Partaking in a runway show can result in many benefits for models, especially those who are seeking to launch careers as actresses or designers.

Each model is also encouraged to promote their own unique personality and flare while walking the runway.

Modeling builds confidence, helps promote the model’s name and image, and makes for a very fun and memorable evening. Plus, at the end of the evening, Alexander and Lana typically present each participant with a beautiful red rose.

To date, models that work under the names Olena, Audrey Kang (who can be followed on Instagram via @audrey__kang), Marcia, Gilnoza, Julia, Jasmine, and Alexa have partaken in the shows to great acclaim.

Fashion shows, modeling, and shoes

Alexander’s popular fashion shows have become a beloved series at Manhattan’s Sky Room. On June 28, wedding dresses and MECHIES shoes and purses were modeled to a packed house. Back in December of 2017, a runway show of evening dresses was equally well-received.

Now Alexander is planning another Sky Room fashion show on Thursday, August 9, 2018. After that, he will host one on Thursday, September 13 to coincide with New York Fashion Week. During this week, a collection of shoes by artist Meagan J.

Meehan will be debuted. The seven-pair collection is based on her most famous series of artwork titled “Bejeweled and Bedazzled Collection.”

The pre-Fashion Week show (meaning the final show Alexander Gurman will produce at Sky Room prior to September) on August 9 begins at 5 PM and will run until 2 PM. The actual catwalk fashion show will take place at 9:30 PM. The show is titled “Girls’ Night Out,” and it will feature the Gurman “Glow in the Dark” line as well as C’est Jolie Couture and jewelry from designer Medjine.

Whereas cash compensation is sometimes offered to models with a big social media presence, mostly these are gigs that do not lead to cash payment. Instead, Alexander is open to trading services such as providing models free professional photographs, advertising, and media opportunities that often prove elusive and/or expensive.

Alexander and Lana Gurman are looking forward to both forthcoming shows and are still open to talking to models who want to apply for the event.