Kristina Menissov is a model, opera singer, and actress from L Kazakhstan who has toured the world. She has also taken part in many fashion shows and has modeled clothes for icons like Louis Vuitton and Saks Fifth Avenue. She has also appeared in music videos and commercials for items like the top-quality “Lamaze” toys.

Kristina enjoys modeling a range of styles, and she also participates in numerous genres of creative entertainment which she recently discussed via an exclusive interview.

Music, characters, and career highlights

Meagan Meehan (MM): You are a model, actress, and opera singer, so which was your first love?

Kristina Menissov (KM): Music was definitely my first love. I was five years old when my mom and my auntie were passing by an audition for a kid’s music school in (Almaty, Kazakhstan), and they decided to send me in. So, at the audition, I sang, and when they asked which my favorite instrument was, I said piano since I didn’t know anything else. That is how my love for music started. Later, when I was in high school, I switched from piano to opera singing. Right now, I’m a recording artist at Drew Right Music; it’s a new part of my music career. It’s a different type of music that I learned in Conservatory, but my passion for pop music is the same.

MM: You grew up in Kazakhstan so how did you get your start there and was it difficult to leave your home country to work elsewhere?

KM: The start of my music career in Kazakhstan was a simple logical step for me. I already knew lots of people in the industry, and I had plenty of experience, so in order to grow I needed to start doing it professionally. It wasn’t that hard to move from Kazakhstan to Italy since music was my dream. All my parents and relatives support me a lot, so I feel like they are somewhere around with me, even when they are half a globe away.

And when I moved to Los Angeles, I was already independent and responsible enough to start all over again.

MM: You have modeled for some very famous venues, so which show was your favorite?

KM: I love all the designers I walked for, some of them even became my best friends. Recently I walked for Roberto Cavalli in Los Angeles; that’s the fashion show that took a special place in my heart for the last couple months.

MM: What kinds of clothes do you model and which types of apparel do you most enjoy showing off on the catwalk? Why?

KM: I usually model high fashion, but personally I enjoy showing off swimsuits and lingerie on the catwalk because there it’s also about me and my body.

MM: You’ve had an awesome career, but what have been the greatest highlights overall?

KM: I’m about to release an EP with Drew Right Music. We just need to polish a few things. I’m so proud of this project and can’t wait to share with the world.

MM: What kinds of characters did you perform in opera and what kinds of roles do you like playing in movies and on TV?

KM: My favorite is the character Musetta from the Opera “La Boheme” by Giacomo Puccini.

I also enjoyed working on Pamina from the Opera “The Magic Flute” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. And of course, Gilda from the Opera “Rigoletto” by Giuseppe Verdi. Even though when I was a kid, I thought I’d be Aida from the Opera “Aida” since I was the unique Ethiopian from Kazakhstan, but unfortunately, my voice was much higher than required.

Commercials, music videos, and the future

MM: You have starred in a commercial for Lamaze, so what was that experience like?

KM: I really wanted to work on some project with my son (he just recently celebrated his second birthday), so when I found out about casting for “Lamaze” toys I asked my agent to submit both of us. It was a great time working with them on that project.

However, I decided for myself that I’m not going to submit my son for any castings as long as he is not old enough until he wants to do it on his own. The reason why I submitted us in the first place was that I had been under some sort of influence from famous “Insta Moms.”

MM: You have also appeared in music videos, so how did those opportunities present themselves?

KM: It’s always my amazing agents who work some magic. It was really a great time working with Rick Ross and Ty $ Sign! I learned some valuable things that I’m planning to use soon in my own music videos. I think you all saw my music video from Kazakhstan, so my new ones will be at a whole different level.

MM: What are your biggest hopes for the future of your career as a model and entertainer and would you like to add any final thoughts?

KM: It’s my dream from childhood to be a “Victoria’s Secret” Angel. Step-by-step I’m getting to my dream. I just want to wish everyone patience, and you will achieve all your goals!