Bradley Allen Apparel, also known as Bradley Allen Physique Apparel, is a clothing company with a unique niche, they make clothes for bodybuilders. The Denver, Colorado, fashion company seeks to tailor make clothes to fit unusual sizes, such as those of muscular people, such as those who are body builders. Their newest line, introduced in May 2018, was designed by athletes for other athletes. The offerings in this dress line are stylish and created with high-quality fabrics that make them as useful as they are fashionable.

The CEO of Bradley Allen Fashions is Dr.

Brad Poppie, an entrepreneur who is also a bodybuilder who personally struggled with finding clothes that fit his muscular frame...especially dress shirts. Taking fit and feel into consideration, he created garments with a polished and professional look that are specially engineered to suit the super-muscular “V” shape type of physique that includes large arms, wide shoulders, and a small waist. All the shirts in the line are made out of athletic performance fabric, which is essentially a good cozy blend of spandex and cotton. The shirts are presently available in blue, black, and white and cost $90 a piece. Polo shirts, dress pants, and more are soon to come. Shirts are available for purchase via the Bradley Allen website.

Dr. Brad Poppie recently took the time to answer some questions about his unique clothing brand and his hope for the future of his company via an exclusive interview.

Bodybuilding and fashion

Meagan Meehan (MM): You are a bodybuilder, so what got you interested in that?

Brad Poppie (BP): I’ve been fascinated with anatomy and physiology ever since I was in grade school.

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I took a liking to physical fitness after enrolling in a weightlifting gym class in 8th grade. My father then puts a gym in our basement, and I have been pumping iron ever since.

MM: How difficult is it for muscular people to find clothes that fit well and are comfortable to wear?

BP: Finding casual and dress clothing has always been a massive challenge.

Everything is either too big or too small and always baggy around the torso, too tight in the back, or way too long.

MM: How did you get into fashion; for instance, had you any involvement in the industry prior to getting into bodybuilding?

BP: I’ve always loved bodybuilding and fashion but have never had any formal training or experience in this industry. I’d say that my entrepreneurial spirit took over and brought Bradley Allen to fruition.

Company, stores, and clothes

MM: How tough was it to form your company, get it off the ground, and keep it afloat by raising awareness about your items?

BP: It has been quite a challenge establishing proper branding and brand messaging for Bradley Allen. One of the major hurdles is changing bodybuilders’ buying habits to think about improving their image when they are dressed as opposed to only feeling confident when they are shirtless.

We hear a lot of our customers saying that putting on a Bradley Allen positively affects their mood and they are relieved to have a shirt that looks great and actually fits. Authentic Bradley Allen shirts have quickly become a hot commodity and our biggest challenge, now, is keeping up with demand.

MM: What is the design process for your clothes and which styles do you typically go for the most?

BP: An Authentic Bradley Allen dress shirt has been trial tested on the hardest to fit bodies. Since bodybuilders are so disproportionately disproportionate, finite detail has gone into making sure the shirt fits like a glove.

MM: How many stores are your clothes in right now?

BP: Bradley Allen apparel is sold solely online with no brick-and-mortar or retail presence.

We want to deliver a quality and stylish product at a competitive price. By selling online, we cut out the middle-man so we can make these one-of-a-kind shirts more affordable.

MM: What are your biggest goals for the long-term future of the Bradley Allen line?

BP: Solving a massive void in the apparel industry for the athletic and/or bodybuilding physique is our vision and mission. My long-term goal is to brand Bradley Allen Physique Tailored Apparel as world renown, premium dress apparel line for the athletic physique. Our primary goal, above all else, is to help men step up their style, step away from the sweats, and step into class! Our customer’s confidence defines our success.