“Parthibition” is a group exhibition featuring eleven unique artists who are actively working in the tri-state area. The exhibition was planned to celebrate the debut of Space Ciel’s brand-new art gallery as well as the New Year. More than twenty artworks from eleven artists will be on display at the Space Ciel venue in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey, from January 11 to January 18, 2018. An opening reception is scheduled for Thursday the 11th between the hours of 5 pm to 8 pm.

“The title "Parthibition" represents the words ‘party’ and ‘exhibition’ joined together. It also playfully expresses a creative spirit against the word ‘inhibition.’ Although New York is a mega hub of the art, I felt there aren't many art exhibitions that solely focus on the art itself.

So, I wanted this exhibition to be fun and full of creative spirit in a relaxed party setting. Eleven wonderful artists as one on January 11 aka 1/11…what a good way to start the new year!" curator and one of participating artist Stephanie S. Lee told Blasting News via a recent exclusive interview.

The works displayed range in styles and visuals from installation art, to watercolor, to photography, oil painting, Korean Folk art style paintings, collage, and even neon sculptures. The featured artists are Steven Cavallo, Hyong Nam Ahn, Jeannie Choe, TaiWoong Kang, Dong Kyu Kim, Sei Ryun Chun, Julie Scholz, Sueim Koo, Fernande Lipton, Young Ae Song, and Stephanie S. Lee herself.

Life, carousels, and the Chelsea Hotel

Steve Cavallo chose to enter painting he did this year at and about NYC's Chelsea Hotel on 23rd Street. Steve studied at the School of Visual Arts in the 1970s, just blocks away from the Chelsea Hotel, and recalls that there was always something going on at the famous Chelsea Hotel.

“Students doing a photo shoot, walking through the halls to see the artwork on display, and hoping to see some of the famous artists and poets who lived at the Chelsea were an everyday type of occurrences,” Steve recalled. “It is a place that has always intrigued me and the landmark that has been a part of my past has returned to me in recent years.”

Steve now teaches life drawing at the School of Visual Arts, and a friend of his who still lives at the Chelsea invited him over to see the historic building as construction crews gut the rooms to renovate it.

“She spoke of the ‘Ghosts of the Chelsea’ quite often, and I thought whether real spirits or the ghosts of memories that still walk these halls, it is still a place that inspires art,” Steve declared. “For years I painted human rights issues, Korean Comfort Women and more recently, Japanese Internment Camps, where I am now exhibiting, at the Visitor's Center Gallery at Manzanar National Historic Site in California. But I felt I said all I could say about these subjects, and it was time to say something about my life and history, beauty, and fiction. I also felt that this venue was a perfect place to exhibit the ‘Chelsea Series’ since both of them are so full of history and memories.”

Steve is very impressed by the Space Ciel venue and notes that it has large windows that are akin to those at the Chelsea Hotel.

“The gallery where we are exhibiting has the same mood as the painting I have chosen for this exhibit,” he stated. “There is a feel, a mood, about old buildings that makes me wonder about the history and what happened on that exact spot that I am standing. Lives passed through these same spaces in another era, some beautiful holding memories and some echoing tragic times.”

Photographer Julie Scholz submitted images for “Parthibition” that were shot using a Lensbaby Velvet 56 lens.

“I love the ethereal, dreamy quality that this lens imparts on the subject,” she stated. “For instance, ‘The Path To Childhood Dreams’ photograph is a good example of recapturing the feelings I had as a child exploring the wonders of the forest.

I look forward to exhibiting in this venue; it seems to be a creative way to gather artists together to share their art.”

Painter Fernande Lipton agreed about being excited to exhibit her oil painting titled “Carousel” at Space Ciel since the painting expertly portrays her fascination with human figures, use of color, and geometric forms to create a feeling of space and motion.

Receipts, neon light, and luxury goods

Dong Kyu Kim entered a piece made of receipts titled “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?” to the show. The receipts were collected between the years of 2008 and 2017 and are sewn together by hand, stitch by stitch. The style is inspired by traditional Korean patchwork and represents the artist’s experiences adapting to America upon immigrating from South Korea.

He is also excited about the forthcoming show.

“Stephanie curated space in front of the window for my piece and I loved the spot,” Dong Kyu Kim proclaimed. “Because when my artwork is installed on a window, its effect embodies the concept of stained glass. The sunlight emphasizes the overlapped edges of the square. Space Ciel has many windows with natural lights, and I was always fascinated with the light and shadow from childhood. So, this venue is perfect to display my artwork as I have always imagined them.”

Young Ae Song submitted a piece titled “Good Land - Peace” which represents how, in modern society, people sometimes lose themselves and become weak and diminished. Young Ae aims to overcome and change those dark moments and suffering from hope via her artworks.

“This piece is one of the paintings that show my appreciation of God made nature,” Young Ae Song said. “I love communicating with other artists and share my stories through art. Harmony also plays important role in my paintings and being a part of the first exhibition at the Space Ciel suits well with my intention. The thing I like most about the venue is that I can enjoy various genres of art including sculptures and installation art as well as the structure of the building itself.”

Sei Ryun Chun is an artist who is greatly inspired by meditation and nature. The mixed media pieces entered into the “Parthibition” show include one titled “Galaxy” which implements neon light — a first time for the artist whose signature circular form is the staple of her style.

TaiWoong Kang is presenting three paintings from the recent “Movement” series of his work which promotes positivity and a hopeful healing process for humanity’s recovery.

“The multiple layered structures of the surface of my work is symbolic of many different aspects of the inner emotion of people,” TaiWoong Kang declared. “My work contains the meaning of pursuing harmony between Yin and Yang, which is representative of intrinsic and extrinsic concepts.”

Painter Sueim Koo is displaying four abstract works of art at the show that were inspired by psychological conflicts and metaphors of an assortment of personal memories from a private journal. Her paintings are titled “I Remember All In Vivid Colors,” and it expertly pairs visual images with emotional impact.

“Recently, I felt that the years have dimmed in the memories of my precious days,” Sueim Koo confessed, “so I wanted to remember everything vividly no matter how my past days were. Therefore, this four-in-one set piece implies another enlightenment of my memories.”

Fellow abstract painter Jeannie Choe like the semi-suburban location of Space Ciel since it is convenient in terms of parking and commuting. She plans on inviting many people to see her painting titled “Pier” which is being exhibited at the “Parthibition” show and represents a nostalgic landscape painted in a soft palette with rough textures. "The fascinating thing about presenting the abstract painting to the public is that I often get different feedback than my original intention.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from this exhibition."

Yet no one is quite as excited about the show as curator Stephanie S. Lee who is displaying one of her newer pieces titled “Cabinet of Desire III.” Her paintings depict luxurious modern goods to symbolize the unchanging nature of human desire; the never-ending pursuit of happiness - that transcend time and eras.

"In this painting, I chose the beloved Blue Fluted collection manufactured by the Royal Copenhagen that used to serve royal family’s dinnerware in Denmark. The blue and white hand painted Danish floral motif used in the collection is inspired by 17th-century Chinese ceramics exported to Europe. It was an interesting subject matter for me since my work also connects east and west and depicts appreciation on both cultures same way as the Europeans appreciated Chinese design in the 17th century.

The cobalt pigment used to paint the motif on their porcelain resembles the way I use natural pigment on my paintings. It just seemed to fit well to express tradition, modern, human desire, and valuable quality in life, all at the same time. I thought the deep green wall color of the Space Ciel could work well with this white and blue colored piece as well." Stephanie stated.

Stephanie also shared her thoughts about the venue: “Space Ciel is not in a traditional gallery setting, but I think it brings more creativity and energy to the artists. The large estate with a backyard and the architecture itself has classic quality in it, and the gallery space has tons of natural light with large windows.

I’m looking forward to the show, and I hope many art lovers will come to see it!”

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