The surprising news

San Francisco has always basked in the aroma of the beautiful Marijuana flower. However, despite the recreational use of the flower being legalized over the past year it seems the scent has began to lift from the state. This can be contributed to technology and its vast growing influence in the smoking or rather marijuana community.

San Francisco is not the only state joining the revolution, eight states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use, and it is legal for medicinal use in 29 states. Nonetheless, use of the drug still remains a federal crime or illegal under federal law.

Under the current administration there has been a rumored warning that they will crackdown on the growing industry(businesses).

Despite these threats the legal industry continues to grow multi-fold over the present years. With not only more options available but more effort by companies to increase user safety. Its an expected $10 billion consumers will spend in 2018, which seems premature in the shadow of the $23 billion expected revenue in 2021. The growth is most contributed to the fact that, Joints are simply a thing of the past. Consumers are now exposed to the option of abandoning their smoking habits and paraphernalia for convenient delivery options, sleek, portable vapes, and a variety of other consumption options.

Sleek portable boxes pushing the loved classic joint to the curb?

Consumption of the drug is simply being rebranded. Its no longer the drug of lazy stoners with no ambition but instead it is the "wellness" drug of tomorrow. Research and hard work have provided us with the ability to modify, and create a strain to heal or aid any ailment.

Flower sales were down to a less than a third in 2017, sales were seized by the surge in sales of e-cartridges. Just as it is a healthier and available option to vape nicotine rather that smoke cigarettes consumers have abandoned the health risks of smoke and joined the wave of the use of e-cartridges. The oil is THC-infused and comes in a variety of available different measurements, flavors, and sativa, indica, or hybrids options.

The vast spectrum of customizability is only one advantage e-cartridges have over smoking. Vaping produces very little smell a comparable fraction to that of smoking, they are portable and easy to use! Did I mention you don't have to carry around all the bulky grinders and smelly pipes ? Consumers are abandoning their glass pieces and papers and grabbing their new and improved light up boxes that produce a healthy, flavorful, and safe, marijuana experience.