We already know that pumpkin spice has reached new heights this year, but with Fall quickly approaching, we can now start thinking about the all the new fall home decorating Do it Yourself (DIY) projects. DIY home projects can also include homemade cookies, spiced apple drinks, or a simple pumpkin pie.

Try taking an easy chocolate chip cookie recipe and instead of adding chocolate chips, replace them with butterscotch chips. While you're at it, add some cinnamon. Adding cinnamon and/or Pumpkin Spice to any recipe makes it feel and smell more like autumn.

Using things you already have

Do it yourself (DYI) projects are easy and fun, especially when decorating your home for fall. Add little touches like putting leaves around the house, decorating pinecones with glitter, and strategically placing pumpkins near entryways, the fireplace, or simply placed on the kitchen counter or table.

Using things you already have around the house, like decorative candles tied with gold and orange placed in either a kitchen or dinner table, automatically changes the atmosphere in a room.

Smells of autumn around the home

There are many scents you can use that will surround you with the smell and feel of autumn. Using natural cinnamon and apple scents is simple, safe, and easy.

Or, scented oils and incense can be effective by placing a few drops of essential oil in different parts of your home.

If you're very adventurous, you can make your own candles and soap using different leaf shapes. Soap making and candle making will require a few tools, but those can easily and economically be found and purchased at a craft store.

Make your own autumn wreath or throw pillow

Creating your own autumn wreath will require a plan, wooden wreath base. Then take a string of fake leaves and wrap them around the wreath. In order to secure the leaves in place, use dots of hot glue on a few leaves. If you like, you can include pinecones, some glitter, or maybe even a brown, orange, red, or burgundy ribbon tied into a simple bow.

Remember the simplest changes or additions can sometimes work best. Like adding one of yours or grandmother's handmade throw pillow or blanket to your favorite chair or sofa. Use colors that work best with your room because autumn colors ten to be neutral. They work with whatever colors you already have in your home.

No matter how you decide to decorate your home for autumn, make sure to have fun doing it, and to enjoy the end result!